TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Devoted fan watched KLG, Hoda in hospital

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb surprise Brie Gutierrez from Florida with a trip to California for being their Fan of the Week. Brie watches the show every day and didn’t miss it even when she was in the hospital.

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>> not leaving out any of it.

>> the winner is brie gutierrez from florida. she watches us on nbc wtvj. with her little -- who is that little baby asleep there, brie?

>> julian .

>> oh, hello, julian .

>> you are a doll. we'll tell you what you won. we want to tell everybody why you were chosen, okay?

>> okay. since the birth of that little -- the first one, sebastian, so much so that she drove to palm beach just to meet hoda last year, and has never missed a show and now she's on it. even when she was in hospital on bed rest with her second son, julian .

>> julian was born premature, spent 109 days in the nic unit. she said we helped her bring peace of mind every day as she waited for julian to get better. and now she watches the show with both of her boys.

>> and reads aunt kathie's books.

>> thank you so much, sweetie. we're very, very happy for you. we got a little gift for you.

>> before we do, we want to test your trivia, okay?

>> she has to earn it?

>> just part of it.

>> okay.

>> all right. so, brie --

>> two wonderful children and so do i. one of them is perfect and it is not cody. what are my kids names, i just gave you one?

>> cassidy and cody.

>> one. everybody knows that.

>> she's sleep deprived. she has an infant and it is daylight saving .

>> all right. now are you ready to know where you're going?

>> yes.

>> all right, you and i guest, you'll head to the heart of california's napa valley .

>> be still my heart.

>> for a day at the lovely river terrace hinn for five days, four nights. explore local markets and galleries.

>> one of most beautiful places on earth. you'll also be able to take flight in a scenic hot air balloon ride. i did that, it is so much fun, provided by balloons above the valley. same one we took. it is great. enjoy breakfast daily with a special dinner for two, hotel and airfare accommodations.

>> two?

>> she'll take a guest.

>> two? what about the --

>> you can take them if you want, but it is just not part of the package, if you know what i mean ?

>> brie, thank you so much.

>> if it were up to me, brie, we would send the family. but that's the way i roll.

>> they're tighter over here. okay. all right, bye, honey.

>> have a wonderful time and god bless you.