TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Kathie Lee: Regis is ready to come back to TV

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about their busy weekends. Hoda went to see “Cinderella” on Broadway, while KLG had two star-studded dinners: One with Regis and the other at Hugh Jackman’s house.

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>>> hello, everybody. it is fun day monday, march 10th . we're definitely having fun today with wilmer valderrama a little bit later.

>> yes, yes.

>> and a good show. packed, like our weekends were. busy is the name.

>> we're very busy. let me go first. yours is extraordinary. i think i would like to tee yours up a little. my weekend was phenomenal. yours was --

>> i'm wearing the wrong bra, that's all i can see. i need one that goes like that. it is too late now. so don't even fax me, text me on call my grandmother, i know.

>> i had a great, great weekend. my friend karen --

>> your best friend .

>> her husband john and daughter catherine were all here. we came to the "today" show because what else is there to do? that was them posing with al and carson outside.

>> a lot chillier on friday morning.

>> i taught catherine how to do the -- we went to cinderella and i taught her the -- we went to cinderella , which, by the way, if you have a young daughter, niece, somebody, good friend, that thing blows those kids away. when cinderella spins from her dress in rags and winds up miraculously in a ball gown , you literally hear a collective gasp in the audience. it was such a great --

>> william ivy long won the tony for that. that is broadway magic . good for him.

>> how was yours?

>> well, mine was unbelievably packed. you can hear my voice, i am -- this is the best reason in the world to be hoarse. i laughed and cried all weekend long. i'll take my favorite thing because it was part of my weekend. on friday night, some new friends of mine , the clarks from australia, invited me to go to a dinner --

>> say it.

>> at hugh jackman and beverly fernessan's home. you talk about pinch yourself. i met hugh many times through the years and he's the most generous, most gentlemanly star there is. just no one quite like him. he's kind to everybody. so i already loved him. then i met deborah, who had been sick and still got out of a sick bed and greeted everybody so beautifully. i can't say what the dinner was about, because they're going to be announcing it at the united nations . probably in the fall. but leave it at this. there are apparently 143 million children without families, orphans in this world. if you put them all together in one place, it would be the ninth biggest nation. they have a plan for that. and they have hearts big enough to actually accomplish it. so i was not only pinching myself, but they so reminded me of paul newman who many of us were blessed to know, who really totally understood the concept of if much is given, much is required. he used every ounce of his celebrity to make the world a better place and raise hundreds and rhundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. every penny went to newman's own. i was honored.

>> the other thing you pointed out was how hugh jackman looks at his wife. you were talking about this in the makeup room.

>> we all went around the table and said why we were there. i said, i don't know why i'm here. i'm just blessed. but he stood up and basically was sitting across from his wife and started talking about what this woman means to him. and her character. and i -- every woman in the world and every man at some point in life should have somebody that loves them like that. and just so incredibly proud to be their partner. it was moving.

>> that sounds --

>> every husband there went home -- i got my homework this weekend. it was lovely. and then sorry --

>> was that your favorite thing?

>> that was my favorite thing.

>> this was your favorite thing last week.

>> no, it wasn't.

>> you talked about entemann's. i said i liked them. now it is my favorite. it is not the way hugh jackman looks at his wife. these will make you feel good inside. five bucks at your local grocery store.

>> so saturday night, three big birthdays we celebrate in march. my son cody will be 24. i can't believe it. he's huge. i can't believe i gave birth. anyway, his god parents , eve and stanley moore, we went to a great restaurant out in the greenwich area called balbela. so regis and joy came. every time we get together, when they say hilarity ensues, they don't mean it. when i say hilarity ensues, hilarity ensues. we picked right where we left off. regis was in rare form.

>> what was he doing?

>> he was screaming, going to other tables, just yelling and doing what he does.

>> i wish you could reveal what you can't.

>> i can't. i will reveal next week, but we were having fun --

>> there is a point.

>> we didn't know there was a point, which makes you also want to tune in next week.

>> a big deal . a big deal .

>> but we had a ball. i just want you to know that regis is ready to come back to television with me. but he wants to take over the 9:00 hour.

>> he does?

>> i was supposed to talk to everybody here. he's ready.

>> he's ready to go.

>> he's ready to go.

>> make it happen.

>> the ball is in your court.

>> it is in your hands. daylight saving time , you know. everyone was supposed to spring forward and the beauty about life now, by the way, you don't have to change anything. your phone already changes. your -- the only thing in my apartment that needed changing was the stove.

>> do you know how to do that in.

>> which, by the way, i didn't change the last time, so now -- no, it is great. 8:07. so it works out great. very little you have to change.

>> what about your watchs? did they all change themselves?

>> i don't wear a watch anymore.

>> this is l.a. time. that was just l.a. for the oscars.

>> you didn't change that one. how much -- what is the deal?

>> we say now, after the winter solstice we're changing on average 2:20 of extra daylight every afternoon.

>> did you feel it? you didn't get enough sleep?

>> i did this time, but that's because i had a wild weekend.

>> you're so crazy.

>> i know.

>> here is the other thing, if you live in canada and showed up late for work, you can blame toronto mayor rob ford because --

>> how can we love him more?

>> here's what he tweeted. daylight saving time starts this evening. turn your clocks back. and change the batteries in your smoke alarm.

>> good for him for that. but it was --

>> it was up for an hour or so before someone told him.

>> equally genius on his team, his administration said, wait a minute is it forward -- for rob ford , here's the thing.

>> what?

>> just change it. change it forward, back, sideways, lay down.

>> who cares.

>> nobody cares with him, right?

>> you don't. you don't. well, we have a new "everyone has a story" coming up this thursday. everyone has a moment

>> hugh jackman , you think you're the only singer in this world.

>> crank it.

>> this month's winner is jamie patrone from connecticut. jamie has an amazing story to tell. hi, jamie .

>> there she is.

>> there you are. tell us a little of your story, please.

>> okay. so it all started in college. my sophomore year of college i had an allergic reaction to a medicine and i got what is called stevens johnsons syndrome. for years we tested and couldn't figure out what was wrong and then a few years ago we found that it was a transverse mialitis.

>> you'll tell us more on thursday. but it put you in a wheelchair, which you're still in, right?

>> yes.

>> reaction to medication.

>> she's a singer. and an actress and very accomplished one.

>> you can tell when you look at her --

>> her passion is performing, and it pulled her through some of the toughest days of her life and she's actually going to be singing the song that david and i wrote for her.

>> hurry up and get here. we can't way to see you. we'll see you on thursday.

>> and she's being filmed for a documentary on her life. we'll see you on thursday here at rockefeller plaza .

>> very excited. you know what else it is time to do? we're going to surprise our fan of the week!

>> drum roll , please.

>> spin the entire globe. we're not leaving out any of it.