TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Wrestler loses, hugs opponent’s cancer-stricken dad

High school wrestler Malik Stewart was defeated in the Minnesota state championship, but in a moment that earned a standing ovation from the crowd and went viral online, he immediately hugged the father of his opponent, who is battling cancer. Stewart lost his own father to a heart attack when he was young.

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>>> but this moment out of minnesota is so hartwarming, it's absolutely beautiful. there's a high school wrestling match over the weekend, and ma malik stewart faced off against mitchell . after the match, malik received a standing ovation. why? well, malik knew that mitchell 's dad was suffering from cancer. so he walked over to the sidelines and shook mitchell 's father's hand, gave him a hug and told him to keep fighting. and malik's own father died of a heart attack when he was younger, and he said, i got a little teary eyed because i lost the match and i knew the hard times he was going through. i just did it straight from my heart .

>> that's malik there.

>> yeah, that is malik there and the father who is battling cancer. you can see. it is so sweet. and we said a moment of sportsmanship. no, this is a moment of humanity. this is a good kid to think about someone else 's dad in the middle of all of that and not get caught up in the sport.

>> well, having known he knew what it was like --

>> absolutely. we both lost parents and you know. that's a moment you can hug someone and say, i understand what you're going through. i'm here. and sometimes that's all you have to say.

>> and for a teenager who probably just lost the match of his life, stop and say, wait a minute.

>> stop and be in the moment. be in the moment.

>> well done, malik. well done.