TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Bra pocket could help you stay safe on vacation

“Safety Chick” Kathleen Baty talks TODAY viewers through some effective tips to stay safe while traveling during spring break, like keeping an emergency car kit handy.

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>>> all right. a lot of folks going to be heading out soon for spring break .

>> you need to be prepared. and here to make sure you and your valuables are protected is kathleen. good morning.

>> good morning, how are you?

>> i'm great. a lot of people heading out on the roads, road trip . you want to have something like this in the backseat, in the back of your car, right?

>> exactly. if you are doing the road trip , aaa makes a great emergency road kit. you want to make sure to have your car thoroughly checked over by a mechanic. this one, this is the explorer road kit. it's half first aid kit and half emergency car kit. you want to be prepared.

>> and, you know, theft is a big problem during a vacation.

>> spring break . yeah, spring break and any vacation.

>> this is an interesting set-up here.

>> yes, it is.

>> so this is a -- well, you want to avoid pickpockets. that's another very high form of crime, right?

>> right.

>> so for women, these are the broad -- yes, the bra pockets that you can hide your money, your credit cards , whatever, and if you're going out on the town.

>> doesn't it look lumpy with all that?

>> well, i think you can shove it down and make it a little smoother.

>> i was wondering.

>> have that popping out of your chest there.

>> well --

>> looks like you've got an atm coming out of it.

>> that's a whole different -- anyway, whole different show. undertech undercover makes a compression shirt. tank tops, shirts, whatever. and when you are traveling, especially in foreign countries, you can put your passport, your money, your credit cards under you.

>> and it's very slimming.

>> it is slimming.

>> always multiple uses to all of these products. exactly right.

>> all right.

>> what about those safe -- the boxes in the hotel rooms ? are they safe?

>> well, the thing is, yeah, basically. but what you have to remember is in hotels, there are hotel employees that have master keys. this is just extra added protection. and they're small and you can pop them in your suitcase and it goes over a drawer or door giving an extra lock to lock up your valuables.

>> fits on any drawer and you are the only one with that key.

>> exactly.

>> and when you get in your hole tell -- you've done this. i know, about counting the doors to the exits to make sure you know in the event there's a fire. you know how --

>> exactly.

>> you know where to go.

>> all right. when you're at the bar drinking, unfortunately, the date rape drug --

>> well, we're talking about families, spring break , road trips , now let's get to college, right?

>> right.

>> and the number one security issue of college is overdrinking, binge drinking . so women, especially, need to be concerned and watch their cocktail. drink safe technology makes a great drink test for ghb, the two top date rape drugs .

>> how do you work them?

>> if you feel like your drink has been tampered with, take a drop of your drink, put it on each test pad. and if it turns to a bright blue , your drink's been tampered with. i don't think we have any in that drink.

>> okay, good. so you're out there with your kids and want to make sure they're safe.

>> i love this product. developed by a father and 7-year-old daughter who they got separated in an amusement park . therest a lot of locating devices out there. but why i love this is it's just a little tag. and you have a -- download the smartphone app on your phone. and you can interchange it with any kind of wristband. like a velcro, wristband. but it also has a panic button on it for the kids because a lot of times when your kids get older, you know how your boys have to go in the restroom and you have to stand outside.

>> right.

>> and something doesn't feel right, you get an emergency, you know --

>> great.

>> what a great idea.

>> well, kathleen, great to have you here. great information.