TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

‘Believe’ stars chat about on-screen chemistry

Actors Jake McLaughlin and Johnny Sequoyah join TODAY to chat about their new supernatural TV drama, “Believe.” Johnny, who’s 11, talks about how she got into show biz at such an early age.

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>>> a young girl with supernatural powers buddies up with an escaped death row convict. trust me, it works. in the nbc drama "believe" which premieres tonight.

>> imagine the pitch for that show. jack plays the inmate kate hired to protect a girl named beau. and it's not long before we find out there's more to beau than meets the eye.

>> you're crying.

>> no, i wasn't.

>> yes, you were.

>> well, i hit my head.

>> those bruises are fake.

>> how do you know?

>> because you're not feeling any pain. can i touch them?

>> no.

>> ow. you see, it hurts a lot.

>> jake mclaughlin and johnny are here. jake and johnny hit the road. i've got to ask you the obvious one. johnny sequoia. tell me the back story behind your name.

>> well, sequoia is actually my middle name . i thought sequoia was more spicy.

>> it is.

>> that's what you need to be worried about at this age, being spicy. adorable.

>> and johnny .

>> it's a perfect girl name.

>> thank you.

>> and lay out this plot a little more. we'll be watching the premiere tonight. help people understand what's going on between the two of you.

>> so this little one right here was born with special powers and now that she's 10 years old, her powers have -- her powers have come into fruition a little bit more, she's stronger now. and so there's a group of people that are after her named -- orchestrated by kyle mclaughlin and they want to exploit her for these powers. so the character milton breaks an unlikely person, myself, out of death row to come help protect her. and without getting into too much of what's going to happen and why they break a death row inmate out. they do explain that and it comes into play. yeah.

>> and there are big names behind this that got us addicted to shows like "lost" and movies like "gravity." big names with you.

>> absolutely, yeah.

>> yeah. alphonso cuaron, j.j. abrams , guys like that. that's the icing on the cake right there. those guys are just unreal.

>> we couldn't help but to see the chemistry between the two of you. not like you have a lot in common.

>> it's all --

>> i think she's running this relationship, by the way.

>> i can't escape. there's no -- there really is no escape.

>> johnny , tell me about getting into show business at such a young age. you're going to be the face now of this show, which we fully expect to be a big hit here on nbc. are you excited about it?

>> yes, i'm very excited about it. well, how i got into the film industry is my parents are film makers.

>> are you real? one of the best kids in america .

>> thank you. so they were filming a movie and were going to send me away to summer camp . and i was like, you're not sending me away. okay. we'll write a role in the movie. and i was like, okay. so i did the movie and then an agency saw me and sent me on an audition, i didn't get it, but then on my second audition, i got "believe."

>> oh! jake , you have your hands full.

>> yeah. can we send her to summer camp now?

>> love it. jake and johnny , thank you. i can't wait to see "believe" premieres tonight at 10:00 eastern right after