TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

‘Cosmos,’ Kesha among top Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg walks TODAY through some of the search terms Internet users were using over the weekend, including “Kesha” and “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.”

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>>> a pop star reinvents herself, george clooney says i do, and march madness about to get real.

>> some of the hot topics. here to break it down for you is daniel. good morning.

>> good morning. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> let's talk about what a lot of people were googling and looking into last night was classic tv series comeback.

>> and watching on their tv. it was the classic tv series "cosmos" rebooted. kind of giving a bit of hollywood look and feel. it's all about the origins of our planets and the universe. and for space and science geeks like me, it was awesome. but it was trying to reach a broader audience at the same time. part of that is to do with seth mcfarlane as an executive producer. part of getting the funding. he produced 13 episodes and we'll see how it goes. it was great.

>> kind of an incredible host.

>> great ambassador for that. the cause. next search is bracketology. i guess selection sunday.

>> yeah, the bracketology or something like that, but people were checking out the games over the weekend. some of them have more implications than others, but, of course, march madness kicks off on sunday. a couple of games of note that happened on the weekend, florida versus kentucky, florida winning that game, indiana versus michigan, a tight one, 84-80, michigan winning that game. of course, this is all going to pick up. i'm from canada, i don't quite totally understand what goes on here. i'll do it, absolutely, i'll lose, but --

>> the best story of the year has been wichita state . they've gone the entire regular season, 34-0, they ended the tournament undefeated. they did it in a weaker conference. can they push through in the tournament?

>> my money's on saskatchewan all the way.

>> okay. let's talk about kesha, out of rehab and had a bit of a name change .

>> that's right. she went into rehab in january. she discussed having an eating disorder, talked about anorexia and bulimia. posted on twitter. she said that she's happy to be back, feeling healthy, working on tons of new music. i can't wait, i can't thank the fans enough for all the love and support they've given me. she's excited to be back. drop the dollar sign from her name. and even changed her --

>> whoa.

>> her twitter handle. maybe she's got a whole new attitude.

>> the new her. good for her. glad she got the help she needed.

>> tell me about jared pobre, a name probably didn't know until this weekend.

>> you probably have heard of george clooney . if we start there --

>> and stacy keibler . so jared, who is a former wrestler and now tech entrepreneur married stacy keibler in a beach wedding in mexico over the weekend. they know who she is, they want to see who this is and what this relationship is all about. it turns out, they've known each other for years leading up to it.

>> a chance for nice things to say, as well.

>> she said she was very excited and happy and exciting. yeah.

>> daylight savings time really quick here. i guess time like this, you always expect people are going to do searches on it, right?

>> we do. and i think maybe the most interesting one is what time is it? people go to their computer and make sure they have the right time. gadgets and electronic stuff updates automatically. sometimes you have an alarm clock or want to check your watch. you just want to make sure of, you know, the exact time. you've got a meeting or something. we always see people doing searches --

>> the microwave in the car.

>> arizona and hawaii do not follow daylight savings time .