TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Theories abound on missing Malaysia flight

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall chat about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the Americans who were on board. “Guys, this is crazy,” Willie says, while Natalie is reminded of plane tragedies of the past.

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>>> welcome "today" on a monday morning, march 10th , 2014 . there's a great crowd outside. packed.

>> spring break.

>> that's right. big crowd this time of year. next couple of days.

>> falls off a cliff, high in the 20s.

>> i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales and tamron hall . we're going to get to our big power ball winning.

>> somebody's retiring.

>> we'd probably lead with it if someone was retiring. and we'll explain who won, as well.

>>> but our big story this morning, this thing is mystifying, it really is. biggest mysteries are calling it an aviation history unfolding right now. the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 continues this morning in the water south of vietnam. so far, only been false, unconfirmed sightings of debris. the flight disappeared early saturday about two hours after departure, there were 239 people onboard. it was at a cruising altitude, 35,000 feet, going about 500 miles an hour when the malaysian military said it seemed to turn back before disappearing from the radar. this has led to a lot of speculation about what should've happened, what might have happened. we should say this is all speculation right now. possibilities of mechanical malfunction, structural failure, terrorism is still an open possibility. adding to the mystery, investigators learned two of the passengers onboard were using stolen passports. u.s. officials say, they, though, have seen nothing so far, anyway, to suggest terrorism. there are three americans onboard. one of them identified phillip wood a 50-year-old ibm employee from texas who is living. also told two american children onboard ages 4 and 2. guys, this is crazy. day three now of the search and now a trace of the plane. we had an oil slick we heard about that they were looking into. today they confirmed that oil slick had nothing to do with --

>> nothing to do with it.

>> somebody a plane, a surveillance plane thought they saw a life raft. they got nothing at this point.

>> disappeared in thin air. and there's so many different theorys as to what could've happened. it brings back, sadly you think about some of the tragedies that have happened in the past. i mean, lockerbie, you know, the planes just kind of, you know, just disappear and turns out later you do see a debris field. here, you're not seeing any evidence of that yet.

>> people have -- i'm sorry, tamron, i was going to say that recent air france flight.

>> it took two years to recover the aircraft itself. but the thing i think i heard most this weekend from people i've been running into. of course, you know, you want to know what caused it. but that this plane, a 777 can disappear with all the technology on the plane and in the sky with satellites and that maybe not -- you may not be able to pinpoint the exact spot, but a radius, they've not even been able to do that. so, of course, the investigation as to what happened is key, but how this happened vanished is incredible.

>> and the black box only has battery power for about 30 days .

>> is that right?

>> if they don't find that within the period of time, the pinging may never been found.

>> i heard one expert say if you lose your buick, they'll find it for you in about 20 minutes . but a 777 falls off the face of the earth, it's incredible.

>> strange that not a single bit of communication from the pilot goes to tell you that there obviously was something catastrophic they didn't have time to react.

>> amazing.

>> all right. another big story we're all talking about.

>>> and this is just so heartbreaking to read. for the first time we're hearing from the father of newtown shooter adam lanza, spoken to the "new yorker" magazine. and a couple of things he revealed in this interview. conducted six different interviews with andrew soloman. and he says in this interview he wishes his son had never been born. it's not a natural thing when you're thinking about your kids. but god, there's no question, he says. he told the writer andrew soloman, it's not like i ever go an hour when it doesn't cross my mind. of course, adam lanza killed himself , his mother and the 26 students, the 20 students, 6 teachers at sandy hook elementary school in december of 2012 . and peter lanza asked how much do i beat up on myself about the fact that he is my son? a lot. he says adam was just different as a young boy , but still a normal, weird little kid. they knew he had problems when he was growing up, they became more visible as he became older. and the last time he said he saw adam was two years before the shooting. his ex-wife, apparently had told him not to visit.

>> and he started thinking had i started visiting.

>> and speaking out because it's been 15 months and many people have wondered and tried to reach out to him. and he said it was because the families of the children who were killed and the teachers wanted that answer to help connect the dots. and i'm happy that he at least gave them that. that's a continuous part of their grief, as well and knowing what was this child's life like that made him do this?

>> can you imagine his parents having to come to terms with the idea that your child had never been born? can you imagine having to accept that?

>> it's a horrible, horrible thing to say, but to know in this case, it's true.

>> you look through history and there are examples like that, unfortunately.

>> think how much this is now -- every day, every hour, he thinks about this. this is horrible.

>> well, on an amazing note, if you saw these pictures over the weekend. sky diver and pilot both recovering after mid- air collision near tampa, florida, on saturday. investigators say the plane was doing touch and goes. landing, taking off, landing, taking off when a wing clipped the parachute strings. the pilot, 87 years old, sky diver john frost falls to the ground. neither one seriously injured. federal investigators now looking to this new question surfacing as to who is at fault here. pilot's wife telling nbc news he's very alert as he is when he flies. paying attention to what was going on. he knew there were jumpers in the area. in fact, earlier we had an interview with the jumper, with the parachuters, and he said, john frost said his pilot was in contact with this guy and said we are in the area. we are jumping. he knew about it. so it's one of those things. this could've ended so tragically. but thankfully, by some miracle, it didn't. both walked away.

>> and the plane is doing a nose dive straight into the ground and he gets -- lifted and tossed to the ground. it's incredible.

>> and another one blaming. even the wife of the pilot allegedly saying that, you know, was he up to snuff on that day? remains to be seen.

>> look at that sequence of events. how could neither of them be seriously injured? it's a miracle.

>> the parachute is so close to landing, all was going as planned perfectly getting ready to put his feed down on the ground when that happened.

>> was not either one --

>> and that series of photos was remarkab remarkable. you can't get over that.

>> well, in life they tell us to try a little tenderness , or was that elvis?

>> same thing.

>> i live my life by what elvis used to say. but this moment out of minnesota is so hartwarming, it's absolutely beautiful. there's a high school wrestling match over the weekend, and ma malik stewart faced off against mitchell . after the match, malik received a standing ovation. why? well, malik knew that mitchell 's dad was suffering from cancer. so he walked over to the sidelines and shook mitchell 's father's hand, gave him a hug and told him to keep fighting. and malik's own father died of a heart attack when he was younger, and he said, i got a little teary eyed because i lost the match and i knew the hard times he was going through. i just did it straight from my heart .

>> that's malik there.

>> yeah, that is malik there and the father who is battling cancer. you can see. it is so sweet. and we said a moment of sportsmanship. no, this is a moment of humanity. this is a good kid to think about someone else 's dad in the middle of all of that and not get caught up in the sport.

>> well, having known he knew what it was like --

>> absolutely. we both lost parents and you know. that's a moment you can hug someone and say, i understand what you're going through. i'm here. and sometimes that's all you have to say.

>> and for a teenager who probably just lost the match of his life, stop and say, wait a minute.

>> stop and be in the moment. be in the moment.

>> well done, malik. well done. so we mentioned the power ball .

>> yes.

>> at the top of the show.

>> we won, guys.

>> how do you know?

>> we won the power ball .

>> we talk about a woman who won the power ball . we did the same on friday. some fortune cookies , sold out some numbers, entered power ball . one of our tickets had three correct numbers. we are now --

>> how much, come on?

>> $7 richer.

>> wow!

>> divided by what?

>> and we've done some forensic work and we found out that it was actually natalie 's fortune cookie based on the message she recalled from the back.

>> remember, i said, why not treat yourself to a good time instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

>> and you said it like dark natalie .

>> i worry about you guys. you're so trusting. who went and bought the ticket? who do we see? how do we know? i'm suspicious.

>> but they got us a winning ticket.

>> $7?

>> sounds like dark natalie 's got a friend.

>> dark tamron. that's a double