TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Oscar Pistorius sickened by graphic testimony

Testimony during his murder trial caused athlete Oscar Pistorius to become violently ill. The court cut off video and audio feed after graphic autopsy results were revealed. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports.

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>>> we're back now at 7:43. as week two of the murder trial of oscar pistorius gets underway. and today, the testimony literally sickened the olympic sprinter in the courtroom. jeff rossen is with us now from petoria .

>> reporter: pouring rain in petoria this morning. and inside the courtroom, oscar pistorius is more emotional than we've ever seen him. a short time ago, he actually became violently sick into a bucket. it created such a scene, the judge actually had to stop the trial for a bit to make sure oscar was okay. he's been listening this morning to disturbing detail from the pathologist who performed the autopsy on reeva's body. the testimony so graphic the court has cut off the live video and audio feed.

>> reporter: oscar pistorius spent the weekend at his uncle's lavish compound guarded by security.

>> how do you think it's going?

>> reporter: he doesn't say anything to reporters, but in court this morning, he was crying openly and shaking, listening to graphic testimony about reeva steenkamp's final moments. also today, the security guard at oscar 's home took the stand. he spoke with oscar just after the gun shots. as reeva was dying on his bathroom floor. that guard spoke through a translator.

>> my lady, i call mr. pistorius . and mr. pistorius told me that everything is fine. but i realized that mr. pistorius is crying.

>> reporter: today, oscar 's lawyer tried to explain that away.

>> mr. pistorius will tell the court he could not speak. he was, indeed, only crying.

>> reporter: the drama unfolding outside the courtroom, too. reeva's parents suing oscar for wrongful death. before the shooting, he made millions in endorsement deals from nike to oakley.

>> behind the scenes , reeva steenkamp's family and oscar pistorius ' family are in negotiation for settlement.

>> how much do they want?

>> reporter: reeva's parents said they didn't want to sue oscar but had no choice. their financial situation is dire. they live here along this dirt road 600 miles from petoria . reeva supported them. she paid their electric bill, their food. in fact, things got so bad, their cable tv service was about to get shut off. and on the day she died, reeva told her mom, i'll send money for the cable bill tomorrow.

>> all the photographs, this is my favorite one.

>> reporter: reeva's parents barry and june struggle every day, visibly emotional in this exclusive interview shot for a future documentary.

>> she will never have children, never have a wedding, never have anything because of him. she had a promising future and now it's gone. and he's got to take responsibility for that.

>> reporter: it is still so raw, they keep a shrine to reeva. photos from her younger years to the smart, beautiful woman she became. a model with a law degree . her law books, still on the bookshelf.

>> she must have -- besides being in pain, she must have been terrified. why couldn't i be protecting her? and that's something out of our hands.

>> reporter: reeva's father says when the trial is over, he wants to speak to oscar face-to-face, one-on-one privately. he doesn't know what he'd say, but he wants that chance. neither of the parents are in court today for the upsetting detail about the condition of her body when she died, matt.

>> jeff rossen in petoria this morning, thank you very much.