TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

NBC focuses on Syria’s children of war

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News’ chief medical editor, joins TODAY from Syria to report on the youngest victims of the war in a special series called, “Forgotten? Syria’s Children of War.”

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>>> we turn now to the conflict in syria which enters its fourth year this week. and the group save the children is painting a very dire picture of that war's impact. a public health system that's collapsed leaving more than 4 million children in need of assistance. nbc news is focusing on that issue this week. in a special series "forgotten," children of serious war. dr. nancy snyderman is on the syrian border. nancy , good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. i'm in the hospital which is about 3 miles from the syrian border. in fact, you can see the mountains that separate the two countries from this hospital room. this is a small hospital. it only has 34 beds. but it has 27 incubators, which tells you about the crisis here. behind me finally getting some sleep is this woman who gave birth to a little girl yesterday. and this room is very stereotypical for this hospital. clean, but small. grandmothers are here with their granddaughters who are giving birth. and it goes to the heart of the crisis. and that is that syria has lost 60% of its hospitals and with refugees still drifting over the mountains. in fact, there are women i met in this hospital this morning who just arrived. babies being born just in this hospital are to the tune of 10 to 15 a day, which raises the question, what happens when those babies go home because they're going to some kind of refugee camp with international support or not. and the second you and i say good-bye today, she is due for a c-section. in fact, there are nurses hovering outside the door here waiting for her to leave. so i think with that, matt, i will say good-bye to you and we will see you tomorrow with an update on the forgotten children of syria and just the future they have to face.

>> all right, nancy , thank you very much. we wish her the best, by the way. and you can find more on this story this week on "today" and "nbc nightly news." and nancy will have live web casts on,