TODAY   |  March 09, 2014

Skydiver, pilot become entangled in mid-air collision

In a series of remarkable images, a small plane and a skydiver became entangled about 75 feet off the ground. After getting caught in the parachute, the plane took a nosedive and the skydiver crashed to the ground. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> a sky diver just feet away from landing gets clipped by a plane, his parachute getting tangled up with that plane. kristen dahlgren has the story.

>> reporter: take a look at this sky diver coming in for a picture perfect landing. 49-year-old john frost was finishing what so far had been a trouble-free jump. just feet from the ground out of nowhere a small plane doing touch-and-go maneuvers at this south lake land airport tears right through his parachute? frost is flipped, thrown back into the air, the plane severs his lines before the cessna and the sky diver crashed back to the ground. the plane slamming down nose first, all caught in a series of remarkable images. rescue crews rushed to the scene. the pilot, 87-year-old shannon trembley and frost both survived. they were treated at the hospital. it's the latest in a series of horrifying sky diving accidents. 16-year-old mckenzie wethington survived a fall of 3,000 feet when her parachute malfunctioned in oklahoma in january. then this nightmare at 12,000 feet over wisconsin last year. two planes packed with jumpers slammed into each other. somehow all 11 skydivers and pilots made it down safely. back in florida, federal authorities are investigating another