TODAY   |  March 09, 2014

Erica and Dylan check in to Quebec’s Ice Hotel

When Lester Holt was in balmy Sochi, Russia, for the Olympic Games, TODAY’s Erica Hill and Dylan Dreyer decided to head over to a hotel in Canada that is known for its icy reception.

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>> you went to sochi to experience warmth. we thought why don't we all go to canada where it's actually cold and see what that's like. full disclosure, i have always wanted to stay in the ice hotel in quebec . i thought who better to go with than dylan and jenna.

>> somehow i signed up with it.

>> due to some winter weather we had jenna got stuck in new york. thanks to another storm on the back of that one, dylan was forced to leave --

>> is there an end to this story?

>> there's actually a beginning. here is what happened before dylan had to leave.

>> reporter: just about 20 minutes from the charming streets of old quebec is a place that prides itself on the ultimate chilly reception.

>> welcome in. you're in the ice hotel .

>> wow.

>> there's the welcome desk.

>> reporter: inspired by similar lodging in europe, quebec 's ice hotel is now in its 14th year. in 2013 more than 5200 guests brave the chill for the glory of snuggling up in a room made entirely of ice and snow. average indoor temperature 27 degrees. it takes a team of 50 people about six weeks to complete the hotel which is rebuilt each year. 30,000 tons of snow, all made on site is blown onto special molds while another 500 tons of ice is used for windows, support and one-of-a-kind decor.

>> just like rockefeller center .

>> reporter: which brings in plenty of visitors.

>> the three main questions are where do they sleep? where do they get married and how this thing is built.

>> reporter: wait. what? turns out this winter wonderland has played host to hundreds of weddings. its one-of-a-kind chapel is among the first areas of the hotel built each year along with the bar where even the glasses are made of ice.

>> this is usually for staff only.

>> oh, wow.

>> the ice shop.

>> this is so cool.

>> reporter: this ice shop turns out some 1200 glasses a day. make that 1, 2002 . but before we could use our masterpieces tlvhere was a little more work to do, exploring the hotel. first up, the ice slide. followed by a couple of runs down the outdoor tubing track. and a quick stop at the sugar shack to refuel.

>> hot maple syrup .

>> it's stuck to my teeth.

>> reporter: with the sun basically gone and the real chill setting in, there was only one place left to go before hunkering down for the night.

>> oh, there's the bar.

>> reporter: after a few sips and fancy moves, it was finally time to get ready for bed.

>> how did you get into that so fast?

>> i'm motivated by cold.

>> reporter: each guest is given a sleep sack and heavy-duty sleeping bag to seal in body heat and hopefully keep you cozy through the night.

>> sweet dreams .

>> so not long after that dylan got called back. once you left it was me and our producer samantha. i needed an extra pair of socks. we stayed the night. we can say we did it. it's open this year until march 23rd .

>> two words, space heater .

>> i think that would defeat the purpose of the hotel.

>> it would be a lake