TODAY   |  March 09, 2014

Sarah Palin puts a spin on ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference wrapped up Saturday night with a speech from Sarah Palin, who got the crowd going with her Ted Cruz-inspired version of “Green Eggs and Plan.” TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews David Gregory of NBC’s “Meet the Press” on what it all means.

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>>> action conference wrapped up on saturday night with a speech from sarah palin who got the crowd going with her ted cruz -inspired version of " green eggs and ham ."

>> i do not like this, uncle sam . i do not like his health care scam. i do not like this kind of hope, and we won't take it. nope, nope, nope.

>> david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we would expect the president to be mocked at this conference. but one of the other headlines here was with what appears to be a deeper division within the republican party . how real is it?

>> well, i think it's significant. you have an establishment of the republican party that has been trying over the past year to reassert itself. i think chris christie is part of that. paul ryan is part of that, jeb bush were he to enter the fray would be part of that. but sarah palin is now more of a grassroots activist, very entertaining. can certainly inspire the base of young people who are at this republican gathering here at cpac in washington. between rand paul and ted cruz you have a tea party wing that is here to stay and is trying to set a course for becoming head of the party. i think that's what they're trying to resolve right now.

>> after the last election, there was a lot of licking of the wounds and hand ringing and how does the republican party get a cohesive message. has there been any movement on that to find a cohesive message before the next election?

>> well, you're still trying to redefine conservatism in the party. right now we're in midterm election year. they're running hard against the establishment of the republican party saying doing more, trying to defund obama care and get rid of obamacare is a laudable goal and not compromising at all. they'll have to test some of these messages and personalities. you heard earlier this week, chris christie still represents the wing of the party that says we can't make these changes if we don't win. winning seems to be the problem at the moment. that's what they've got to resolve.