TODAY   |  March 09, 2014

Lena Dunham brings the laughs on 'Saturday Night Live'

It was a night of laughs, politics and some bare skin as actress Lena Dunham took to her first hosting job on "Saturday Night Live."

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>>> saturday night was a big night for lena dunham hosting "snl."

>> she had memorable hits including this one where the show took on "scandal."

>> burn down the crime scene. i need someone to place a bug on the ambassador's wife. kelsey, why don't you do that?

>> um, okay. i mean i'll totally go. but you just talked so fast i have literally 1,000 followup questions.

>> she poked fun at the fact that there's a lot of nude difficult on "girls."

>> "saturday night live" also had actors liam neeson and john hamm . was anybody able to stay up and watch it.

>> i think they stayed up. but can they get up this morning.

>> maybe you did an all-nighter if you did that show.

>> you might be sleeping now but that's okay, you'll be