TODAY   |  March 08, 2014

Alicia Quarles on Lindsay Lohan’s new show: It gets real

Lindsay Lohan's reality series premieres Sunday night on Oprah’s OWN Network, and the show is already getting lots of buzz, with some have suggesting Oprah exploited Lohan. E!’s Alicia Quarles weighs in with her take on the Hollywood headlines.

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>>> this morning in "today's hollywood headlines," an oscar nominee struggling for work to make ends meet and a familiar face returning to "grey's anatomy."

>> alicia quarles is here to bring us through it all. alicia, good morning.

>> good morning, happy birthday!

>> thank you.

>> so, tomorrow is a huge day. we've heard for a long time about lindsay lohan 's reality show on own, oprah 's network.

>> right.

>> it premieres tomorrow. how real is this reality show ? what are we going to see?

>> this is really, actually, very real. this is a docuseries, and it follows lindsey in the two months post rehab where she's moving to new york , trying to get her life together, and oprah 's coaching her through it all, so it gets pretty real. it's lindsay probably at her best and worst.

>> at her best and worst. there's that obvious, sort of train wreck fascination --

>> yes, yes, yes.

>> -- that's going to bring people in. there's been criticism, though, when it comes to oprah , some criticism that she exploiting lindz yesterday at that i time?

>> i asked her about oprah and i said own bringing lindsay to the network, are you exploiting her? i don't get it. she says it comes down to the fact that i've got to fill 24 hours of television. that's a lot of tv to fill. she has a compelling story, and i think that we can help her. and along the journey, you'll see oprah 's coaching her. lindsay to this day says she still talks with oprah , so it's about television, oprah is blunt and open about that, and also about following this girl on her journey that america seems to be fascinated with.

>> i want to ask you about another story that struck me, is "captain phillips" co-star barkhad abdi, who played one of the somali pilots, limo driver turned oscar nominee, now struggling a bit in his career. what's going on?

>> that's right. he only got paid $65,000 for this role, and then the actors among him is $60,000, but throughout awards season, the studio's paying for him, his trips and per diems. awards season's over, so he's not going to go back to driving a cab. he's apparently been placed in a new movie, but from what we're hearing, he has no money, he's down and out. this happens all the time with actors, with musicians. you get that one hit, and that's not enough to sustain you.

>> we should point out, while $65,000 is a lot of money to most people, in acting terms, it's not big.

>> it's minimal. you can make upwards of millions per role.

>> and maybe all that $65,000 doesn't come home.

>> of course, you have agents and stylists and they're not paying for that. you can't work during awards season, but we heard he was cast for another movie.

>> nominations help. and he's looking for work. another thing that struck us as interesting, isaiah washington , who famously it was a huge exit when he left "grey's anatomy" in 2007 .

>> 2007 .

>> after a fight on set, and then he used some homophobic slurs. now, he's actually coming back to "grey's anatomy." how did this happen and what's the circumstance?

>> chandra said he has to bring his character back because sandra oh's character is leaving and they were a love interest . she wanted her story to be full circle , so that's why she's bringing him back. and actually, surprisingly, they support this. they say in the seven years he's been fired, he's done so much to support the lbgt community and has done outreach about, you know, same-sex marriage and they support it, say all is forgiven. so, it's about coming full circle for the characters and for the viewers.

>> now the big headline, "sharknado's" back.

>> "sharknado's back," are we having a viewing party?

>> yeah.

>> are you hosting?

>> sure! hey, guess what, dave, we're having people over.

>> july 31st . and "sharknado's" hitting new york this time.

>> oh, great!

>> l.a. got it last time. we're scared. same cast.

>> we'll look for it all, just take cover here in