TODAY   |  March 08, 2014

Could you ditch your phone for 24 hours?

National Day of Unplugging is a 24-hour period running from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday where people are asked to unplug from electronics and technology in an effort to stop people from missing out on important moments. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> have you tried to go an hour or two without checking your phone, your facebook feed or e-mail? for a lot of people, that is a tall order.

>> so, there is two hours, and then imagine 24 hours . we're actually in the middle of what's become known as a national day of unplugging. oh, it's a movement. jenna's in the orange room with that. hello.

>> so, the irony's not lost on me, but somebody's got to keep you plugged in. get it, the irony that we're unplugging? the national unplugging period is from sundown on friday to sundown tonight, where people are asking you to unplug from all electronics and all technology. the goal is to stop people from missing out on important events. so, what did we do? we asked you what you would unplug for. so, ed said "i'd be willing to give it a try. is there an app for that?" that's actually hilarious, ed. no joke. pat -- "not a chance. i've given up ice cream for lent, so i can't do both." you can kind of get where pat's coming from. so, i'll give you that one, pat. linda grubb -- "i unplugged my broken computer. does that count"? a resounding no, that doesn't count. i guess if i had to answer the question, the only thing i would honestly unplug for would be if the baby needed something, if harper needed something. other than that, i generally don't unplug for much. anyway, that is what i unplug for. i'm curious to know -- and look, we do do a full two hours without trying -- the irony.

>> that sounds like jenna's ring. isn't that "seinfeld"?

>> that's really funny. okay, it's staff -- hello? we're doing a whole thing on unplugging. so funny. hold on. hold on a second. guys, what would you unplug for?

>> we'll take it from here.

>> i'd be happy to unplug. you know, i have to be in contact with work, but as long as they knew i'm going off the grid --

>> exactly.

>> here you go, i think it's work calling.

>> i think it's more about the e-mails --

>> it is mostly about e-mails, but --

>> hello?

>> hello?

>> i think the more interesting thing is what we choose for our ringtone.

>> oh, very funny.

>> hi.

>> so, is everybody in the control room on a phone right now calling us upstairs?

>> let me ask you this