TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

4 top pregnancy trends for 2014

Lori Richmond from says it’s becoming more common for women to announce their pregnancy with creative movie posters, enjoy relaxation spa treatments and invest in baby monitors that can be used via iPhone.

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>>> there is always something new when it comes to the hottest gadgets and trends for expecting parents.

>> from we're expecting movies to abstract nursery art, the's lori richards is here with what is hot on the nursery scene. lots of things going on.

>> so many exciting things going on for pregnant moms.

>> the video, that's exciting, a way to reveal to everybody you're having a baby.

>> not just videos. they're sharing the videos on social media , of course.

>> let's take a peek at one. we got to see one.

>> brandon? the call is coming from inside the oven.

>> a bun in the oven.

>> that's really cute.

>> like a movie.

>> it is a trailer.

>> you won't believe it, but 63% of moms in our social moms survey said they would share videos like this on social media to announce their pregnancy.

>> what do we have here?

>> hopefully they called their mother first.

>> if you're not a cinematographer, you can make a movie poster , easier, make it on your home computer and share it with friends and family as well. more over the top , the better.

>> all righty then. we saw a random leg popping out.

>> this is willow and lauren. they're our beautiful pregnant mamas doing a hot maternity workout, the barre method, and they're doing the extend barre version. it is low impact and also full body. but, of course, you should check with your doctor before starting exercise, especially when pregnant.

>> how beautiful these two girls are.

>> they look great. fantastic.

>> we're going to step by, excuse us.

>> we're not going toward the monitor.

>> yes. little inside joke . keep our crew awake.

>> registries are also changing. moms still need the baby gear, but also registering for relaxation experiences.

>> okay.

>> so things like prenatal pampering, prenatal massage with your partner, a movie night out, a date night, and then a wine tasting weekend for after --

>> for afterwards, right.

>> exactly. so this is a fun way to change up the traditional registry, get something for the parents too.

>> these are great products, you like this whole group.

>> i love all the great belly creams and leg creams.

>> they don't just make you feel better because you're using them --

>> feeling better is really all you need. exactly.

>> do you believe they're still working out. you are unbelievable.

>> one more minute.

>> seven months to go, ladies. keep at it.

>> also on the registries we're seeing high tech baby gear. this is an ibaby monitor. this you can actually -- i'm going to put kathie lee and hoda in here, see yourselves in the iphone live stream --

>> hoda's favorite thing.

>> on the monitor. you can watch your baby everywhere, from the iphone, even outside the house.

>> very cool.

>> $150, very reasonable.

>> excellent.

>> thank you.