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TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Patrick Duffy: I don’t need to take off my shirt anymore

Actor Patrick Duffy is reprising his iconic role as Bobby Ewing in the second coming of the popular soap “Dallas,” now in its third season on TNT.  The star says the role doesn’t require him to take off his shirt anymore, as it did the first time around.

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>>> let the back stabbing begin. it has been more than 30 years since the hit primetime soap "dallas" first hit the airwaves and made millions of viewers fall in love with the ewing family and all the drama.

>> patrick duffy reprised his role as family patriarch bobby ewing in the remake of the series, in its third season on tnt.

>> take a look.

>> love it.

>> paris is working with the cia.

>> if things go sideways between harris and the cartel, emma could be in danger. that's what drug lords do, go after the loved ones of their enemies.

>> i'll see to it that it is safe.

>> yes, you will.

>> that's when you really, really --

>> what i'm thinking is, god, my seat belt is tight. awful. yeah.

>> we were talking -- i thought i would be here an hour and 20 minutes ago.

>> as we are want to, about this business. and how difficult it can be and you said you only met nice people.

>> i only met nice people. and i worked now 30 years on the show and every single show i've been on have become my best friends , from the crew and the cast and producers, everybody. it is remarkable. i know it is not true for everybody. but i've been very fortunate.

>> is it different this go around, though? 30 years later?

>> well, my waist size is larger.

>> hardly. you could take your shirt off now and you would still be bobby ewing .

>> yes, you would be.

>> there is so much wrong with that. first of all, i need help taking my shirt off. but it's a little different because, you know, i'm bobby ewing at 65 instead of 30.

>> you enjoy life.

>> i enjoy life now. i don't have to take my shirt off, so it is not as necessary.

>> you have young hunks out there --

>> that's their job.

>> that's their job.

>> that was my job 35 years ago.

>> your character now compared to then?

>> wise.

>> wise.

>> you better be after all --

>> he's the patriarch. we started this show, celebrating 30 -- denial is such a powerful thing. 64th birthday, that's how we started the new series, with the birthday party . and so that's who he is.

>> you have lost a very dear friend and, of course, the heart and soul of dallas.

>> the best goldfish i ever had, but --

>> oh.

>> you mean larry.

>> larry would be the first one to laugh at that.

>> yes.

>> so how is it -- because sue ellen was here, she's always sue ellen to me, here two weeks ago, and she was saying he's there. you sense him all the time.

>> you see pictures of us together, we have been together, like that, as close friends for 35 years. so, yeah, he's not around anymore, but you don't feel that sense of a vacuum because it is like -- i think it is what people who are married for 50 and 60 years feel like, you know? there seems to be an acceptance of the temporary separation because that's what i feel it is. a temporary separation.

>> you're a great actor. i didn't know about the singing. no one told me you were a bit of a singer.

>> we have tape --

>> a bit of a singer is appropriate.

>> we'll let america decide. they're all watching.

>> yes. i am the sea you are to me we agree to disagree

>> i thought it was marie osmond .

>> yeah.

>> you have a great voice.

>> like justin bieber.

>> i could have, yes, i could have. let me do more of this and go for a drive.

>> sorry.

>> thank you.

>> we love it every time you visit.

>> you have to come on anytime and see us.

>> we're done now?

>> yes. all that waiting around was hardly worth it.