TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Chocolate soufflé: Easier ways to make dessert

Chef Colin Bedford visits TODAY to demonstrate how to overcome your fears about making classy desserts like chocolate soufflé with bitter chocolate sauce, as well as strawberry shortcake.

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>>> you invite people over to your house and cook up a big feast . but when it comes time to make desserts, do you go out and buy it because you're afraid it won't turn out right?

>> chocolate chip cookies , i can do that at home.

>> we're going to take it up a notch.

>> yeah. two fancy go-to desserts that are easy to make. he's the executive chef in north carolina . good morning.

>> thanks for having me.

>> the souffle can be a little intimidating for people like us , but you're going to make it easy.

>> absolutely. we're going to start with the base. the cool thing about the souffle is, you've got 90% of the ingredients in your closet, in your house.

>> right.

>> you know, you're just going to pour this in here.

>> and what's already inside?

>> this is melted chocolate, corn starch and milk.

>> do you prefer dark milk? does it matter?

>> dark chocolate 's better because we have a homemade chocolate source thauce that we add to that. cool thing about this is, believe it or not, gluten free.

>> oh, wow. that's fantastic!

>> yeah. i'm going to get you to mix this up. and you're right, there is a lot of problems with souffles.

>> why is that?

>> they're very inconsistent.

>> i'm getting in there.

>> sometimes you have a chocolate souffle recipe -- that collapses, you want to add an egg yolk at this point to help stabilize it as it cooks. also, the key. another key thing is egg whites . you want to separate two days before.

>> why two days before?

>> it helps with the consistency and helps the sugar to incorporate.

>> i am going to --

>> now you need to fold that in.

>> fold it in. notice, i'm folding.

>> while you do this, i'll talk about souffles. there's only one way the souffle's coming out. just lightly brush up the mold.

>> you have to use ceramic?

>> you can use a coffee cup , anything that goes in the oven. you can make a coffee souffle.

>> okay.

>> little butter.

>> and the key is, just want to pour this in there. you don't want to scoop it.

>> okay.

>> then what you do is just kind of roll it out.

>> and it sticks for you.

>> and it sticks for you. fantastic job.

>> thank you.

>> good job.

>> thank you.

>> now what you're going to do is as you scoop them, you're going to put it in. another key little trick is, you want to tap it, get those bubbles out.

>> pack it down. where do you want to stop?

>> you want to stop right at the top.

>> okay.

>> and if you do make a little mess, it's not too much of a big deal . you run your finger around the top.

>> all right.

>> and i believe we have some in the oven.

>> take care of that for us. and as he does that, just quickly tell us about this jell-o here.

>> this is actually a personal favorite of mine, believe it or not. i am fascinated with jell-o. here we have a fun twist.

>> yeah.

>> of jell-o. we've got greek yogurt with lemon curds.

>> can you use greek yogurt or use any kind?

>> no, you can.

>> beautiful okay.

>> that's perfection right there.

>> and do you need to make your own or buy lemon curd ?

>> you can buy it.

>> you've got yellow, yogurt.

>> and over here, we have short bread.

>> and by the way, the recipe's on, short bread. that's really cute.

>> and then --

>> okay.

>> some of these.

>> there we go.

>> the restaurant, and we actually do this.

>> that is what we would do at home.

>> wow.

>> okay.

>> so then you push it down.

>> that's gorgeous.

>> and some of this.

>> that is whipped cream and homemade chocolate.

>> oh.

>> there we go. come on.

>> and you serve it like that?

>> serve it like that. and this is what we do at the table.

>> it's a masterpiece.

>> thank you very much.

>> we're back in a moment.