TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

How to master your family photos

George Lange, author of “The Unforgettable Photograph,” joins TODAY to reveal his secrets on how to take memorable family photos.

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>>> been taking beautiful photographs for more than 50 years, george lang has trained under greats.

>> well, now how to capture the perfect image in his new book "the unforgettable photograph" secrets for taking the best pictures of your life. george, good morning. we're all instant photographers now with our iphones and everything. what made you decide to put this book together?

>> a friend of mine, photographing at a beach house that i've been going to for years. and i take all these pictures that we never take. i take pictures of people napping. i take sisters plucking each other eyebrows and all these great things. and he says what you're doing intuitively would help people take much better pictures .

>> true.

>> is it a good thing or a bad thing that everyone, as natalie says is a photographer? we document every moment of our lives. a lot of the photography is not great. i speak for myself. is it a good thing we're all taking pictures all the time?

>> it's a great thing. but there are pictures . we're taking a lot of the same pictures and there are wonderful moments in our lives. and the book's about getting you to appreciate the big picture and a lot of other things.

>> i'm looking at the photos here behind me. you really capture how and say this is what you should go for. how a photo feels rather than how it looks, right?

>> right. one of the things that we talk about is when you kiss someone, your eyes are closed and all your other senses are working, you're hearing, touching, smelling, and that was in belgium. we got the chocolate makers to make it for us.

>> i'm not thinking that way.

>> we captured a moment. you were in belgium and immortalized that.

>> that's what makes you great. you also say, don't worry too much about the technical side of taking a photograph. what do you mean by that?

>> well, you have the cameras we're using now are so sophisticated and so amazing that they allow us to really concentrate on what we're seeing and what we're feeling rather than having to worry about it. you can get into that. but we can take amazing pictures . it's all the devices we have.

>> important to not just capture the moment but really get into the moment at that level. for example, taking a picture of a child. almost better to be at eye level with the child, right?

>> right down there. i mean, i'm on my knees or lower when i'm photographing my kids. now i can raise up a little bit. getting on the same level.

>> what are we looking at on this picture here?

>> these are --

>> oh, we missed it.

>> a lot of these are your family photographs?

>> yeah, this is another moment that you never captured. it's so powerful.

>> so true. and the shark behind.

>> this one, visiting my mom and the shark was swimming behind and we just got it when the shark was there.

>> what's the next exciting thing we can expect out of photography? we've got the iphones, we can do those kind of things. photography for the masses, what excites you?

>> wow. i just -- i want to be blown away . when i go and meet people and hear people's stories and photograph every day, i'm just amazed at how we're all here sharing our lives. and i'm just hoping that people photograph that part that's amazing.

>> i think like you said, capture those moments, you know, even the little moments you think really aren't great pictures , but they're worthy.

>> right. right.

>> keep snapping away. george, great