TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Jared Leto disses Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars fall

Huffington Post’s Josh Zepps joins TODAY to chat about the latest news in the entertainment world, including Oscar winner Leto’s speculation that Lawrence’s tumble at the awards ceremony may have been an act.

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>>> a big celebrity weighs in on ellen 's oscar selfie and another actress with her own reality show .

>>> drew, cameron and reese on a get away. and josh, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's talk first about this little brouhaha, this little spill that jennifer lawrence took on the oscar's red carpet .

>> second time.

>> second time this has happened at the oscars for her, but apparently jared leto is saying something about that.

>> he told access hollywood he thinks the whole thing is an act. but you don't know if him saying that is an act and trying to brew up a feud.

>> sounds like he was kind of joking.

>> he was seemingly kind of joking. if anyone's authentic, it's got to be jennifer lawrence . she's been so un -- i don't know, she seems so unpretentious. and i'm not sure you should be taking authenticity from a guy -- is he the most authentic person in the world? he's beautiful, but come on, he's a beautiful man, but he doesn't --

>> we talked to our buddy billy bush this morning and he said jared was totally kidding.

>> that's what it seems to be. they shouldn't put it out in press releases, then.

>> it's fun.

>> all right.

>> so let's take our look at the star power pic. actress leah remeni.

>> the show is a reality show done by the producers of "duck dynasty." sounded so confusing when there was a television show "dynasty" but we pronounced it dynasty. they're half hour each. it's going to be huge. they're going to be focusing on her. we know her from "king of queens." one reason why we also know her because she left the church of scientology and she was vocal about that. it'll be interesting to see whether or not they manage to squeeze that into the reality show and avoid it altogether.

>> i got a statement from the church of scientology . it comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as leah remini would exploit her former faith by rewriting her history with it in the church of scientology . there you go.

>> we'll leave it at that one. let's move on to the tweet of the week. ellen 's record-breaking --

>> i love this.

>> picture. heard and seen around the world.

>> the huge selfie. jennifer lawrence , meryl streep , julia roberts , brangelina. i love the fact -- i'll read the tweet first. harry connick , jr. says it's not that hard to shut down twitter, ellen , just turn off your phone. she was proud, i guess, that it got over 3 million retweets that quickly vaulted beyond the previous most retweeted tweet which was the president and michelle obama that got 790,000 reretweets. this got 2.4 million retweets within 12 hours.

>> it was a lot more fun to capture when hollywood is criticized for being pretentious.

>> i've got to say, i love lupita nyong'o's brother. talk about a photobomb. it's like taking a photo on the white house lawn of the first family and urkel is in there. it was weird.

>> but our pick of the week is actually a tphoto that captures a great group of women. drew barrymore , and cameron diaz . where were they?

>> traveling around napa. here they have with a few of their make-up artists.

>> cooking.

>> at a culinary institute. this is the social media policy of envy.

>> yes, exactly.

>> speaking of cameron diaz , we've got our sneak peek clip of the week. a lot of people looking forward to this. annie.

>> the remake!

>> let's take a quick look .

>> the city called, they're coming to inspect. we've got to clean this place up.

>> aren't they supposed to give notice?

>> aren't i supposed to be married to george clooney ?

>> exactly, girlfriend. exactly. no breakfast until this place is spotless.

>> yes, miss hanigan. it's a hard knock life for us it's a hard knock life for us