TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Tear-jerking Chevy puppy ad goes viral

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall chat about a new Chevy commercial featuring a woman and her dog. The ad will “pull on your heartstrings,” Natalie promises.

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>> wow. welcome to "today." it's friday morning, march 7th , 2014 . i'm willie geist along with natalie morales , tamron hall . we're opening fortune cookies . i swear this will all make sense. i opened mine to get ready. perhaps you've been focusing too much on yourself. natalie , i think this is yours.

>> mine is really good. listen to mine. why not treat yourself to a good time instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

>> oh.

>> the way you read that -- dark natalie . that's dark natalie reading. that could have been interpreted a nicer way.

>> there's a reason behind the fortune cookie .

>> we'll explain.

>> a nice story behind the fortune cookie .

>> the only limits to the possibilities in your life are the buts you use today.

>> again --

>> who planted this? anyway.

>> don't quite make that -- grammatically correct or there's a lot of misspellings.

>> we can read a lot into both of these.

>> speaking of misspellings.

>> president obama last night at the white house , hosting a women of soul concert. amazing lineup, patti labelle , aretha , melissa etheridge . this is what happened when the president of the united states paid tribute to aretha franklin . listen to the spelling.

>> instead of singing about love and pain , forgiveness and acceptance to a church audience, they sang about them to the world. and the world had never heard anything like it. when aretha first told us what r-s-p-e-c-t meant to her --

>> he left out an "e."

>> not when you're doing aretha and aretha is there.

>> the funny thing is, the whole crowd laughed and it doesn't register.

>> he said why are they laughing at me? i always think it's bad karma for people like us to mock a bad prompter read.

>> that's not a bad prompter read. that's aretha .

>> and i love it because she's one of the sassiest people in the world, she didn't call him out is amazing.

>> and you really don't have to read r-e-s-p-e-c-t from the prompter, do you?

>> you have to sing it, though. sing it to get it right.

>> i think that's it.

>> and he's got the sense he knew something wasn't right.

>> right.

>> he sort of slowed down and too late, i'm going with this.

>> love it. best ever.

>>> something else we're talking about this morning, we've been reading a lot. you've got the "today" show book club . and if you're one of the people that say i should read more, this may be a solution for you. there's a new app that allows you to speed read . it claims you can read a novel in 90 minutes .

>> i kind of like this. did you see it?

>> before you download, though, you've got to take a look at it. the reader flashes words in quick succession. you spend 20 of your time reading by taking in words, the other 80 you're just looking at the page.

>> right.

>> so it presents the words in large font . before you sign up for the app, even though we think it's cool, take a look. here's 250 words per minute. we are starting you out --

>> you don't have to read it out loud. is that your aretha ? reading aloud to yourself.

>> that's 350 per minute. that's 250, let's do 350.

>> okay.

>> see, just about.

>> are you retaining? quickly.

>> i think you are.

>> 500 per minute.

>> 500 gets serious.

>> this is 500.

>> that's a little -- i can't do that.

>> i'm getting it. guys --

>> it says some of the testers can now read 1,000 words per minute.

>> it weerirds me out.

>> are you enjoying it?

>> and it's not the same if you don't have the highs and the lows.

>> well, you --

>> it's giving me a headache when we were looking at it and i kind of got nauseous.

>> if you're reading -- they say if you do war and peace at 15,000 pages, you can read it in ten hours. a book, sometimes you have to go back and remind yourself who is this character.

>> there's so many different names and characters.

>> you're blasting through those names.

>> i'm thinking if you're in college, high school senior year british lit, this is good. but if you're trying to chill out on the beach and read.

>> you know what's a good idea for those s.a.t. prep courses and stuff, the reading comprehension . get through those quickly. the question is, how much are you comprehending when you're reading that fast.

>> i think if you go to this website, you can follow --

>> 400 maybe, but 1,000 words per minute.

>> i like it.

>> tissue alert. we're going to pass this around. this one, i watched this twice when i was upstairs and was in tears both times. chevy is rolling out a new commercial for the chevy equinox . this one, though, if you have dogs, love animals. if you have a heart.

>> exactly.

>> it's going to really pull at the heart strings . the ad's in reverse chronological order. features a woman and her pet dog. take a look.

>> slow, steady.

>> so sad.

>> it's a great ad.

>> it's a great ad. it seems like she's putting the dog to sleep in the opening.

>> something's gone wrong.

>> but i'm curious, i would love to know the people behind the ad. the creators of it what they were thinking. because usually you want someone to feel happy when they're buying a car. it's supposed to be a great thing. this, you focus more on the pet passing away and the relationship than the car.

>> that's what i was thinking.

>> when i first saw it, i completely forgot it was a chevy commercial.

>> i guess when you buy the chevy , you have it a long time through your life. with you part of your life.

>> but still goes back to this sad moment. which is not what i want to think about.

>> but it's a beautiful -- it's a beautiful commercial.

>> happy friday.

>> this next one explains why we have -- i love the fortune cookies this morning. a 75-year-old new yorker who found her fortune literally in a fortune cookie . ella duval won 2 million in the power ball . who plays the numbers on the back of a fortune cookie ?

>> ella duval.

>> well, she bought the lottery ticket at a chinese restaurant . joked maybe the waiters should get a cut, 20 or something like that.

>> that's a big cut.

>> she's got this little extra windfall, and she's going to switzerland and visit relatives. and good for her. and her numbers were 5, 12, 58, 27 and the power ball 7. i think we need to play the numbers here.

>> six numbers, right?

>> take these and put them in a ball and pick one out and we'll play it.

>> we'll play it.

>> and then monday, how you will know if we've won.

>> how do we divvy it up?

>> well, we won't be here, we'll be discussing that on the beach.

>> and just like the noodle shop, you'll give a 20 cut to the guys on the crew, right?

>> yeah. yeah. that's the ticket. that's why you love me, come on.

>> yeah. railroaded you into that one.

>> it's going to be your 20.

>> you've got to be prepared.

>> we're going to win. i feel it. i'm going to speak it into existence.

>> all right.

>> mine was good.

>> i've got good news for you guys. while you enjoy your fortune cookies --

>> winnings.

>> time to start thinking about hot dogs . you know barbara, the msnbc make-up artist.

>> yeah.

>> she was out in l.a. this week, showed me this morning as i sat there with her. she stopped by famous pink's hot dog stand .

>> amazing.

>> she discovered there's a "today" show hotdog. two all-beef hot dogs , two hot dogs in one bun topped with mustard, onions, chili, cheese and guacamole.

>> how did they come up with that formula?

>> extra cheese, i think.

>> i don't know. 7.40.

>> they've got to add tamron to that now.

>> they made the sign before last monday.

>> do you want to add something? they're the best hot dogs in the world.

>> lettuce tomatoes, make it healthy.

>> that's anti-me. i'd add like something like hot fudge or something.

>> hot fudge ? with the guacamole, though.

>> well, for obvious reasons.

>> what about salsa?

>> salsa? there's cheese on there.

>> the bottom line, i'm going to make these this weekend and bring them in.

>> and make a new recipe for pinks.

>> and i've got to think about what i should add.