TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Prince dislikes ‘strangers touching his hair’

While on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” the singer said his pet peeve is people touching his hair. He said it’s mostly men who try to touch him.

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>>> when folks see you guys on the street. what's one thing they always ask?

>> are you still on tv?

>> you look worse than you do on tv.

>> okay. i get that one. yeah. a lot. well, here's the deal. imagine if you're prince. there's something you shouldn't do. he shared his pet peeve on the arsenio hall show .

>> strangers touching my hair. folks have a tendency to want to bump into you. mostly dudes.

>> that is disturbing.

>> point to self, don't touch prince's hair. however, he might cook for you. believe it or not, prince makes an incredible omelet.

>> really?

>> i have not had it.

>> what's so incredible about it?

>> it's like his hair. it's light and fluffy.

>> have you touched his omelet?

>> i have. we're going to have prince come and do a cooking segment.

>> very good. we'd love it.

>> i'll make waffles for you.

>> and that is "what's