TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Pope admits stealing priest’s cross from casket

Pope Francis has a confession to make: He says he once swiped a cross from a dead clergymen in Buenos Aires while he was arranging roses around his casket.

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>>> sounds like a story in one of those newspapers. next week, pope francis will celebrate a year as a leader of the catholic church . and before that big anniversary, making a major confession. sharing a secret that he's kept for years. the pope is revealing that when he was a priest back in argentina, he swiped another priest's rosary right out of that priest's casket.

>> okay. here's the story. pope francis recalled that when he saw the man lying in an open casket, quote, immediately came to mind we all have inside ourselves. he says he then asked the priest for mercy and now he says he wears that cross as a reminder to show mercy to others.

>> he's swearing now he's stealing, i really like this pope.

>> popes, they're just like us.

>> had it in his hand.

>> they wrap the rosaries around the hand. it's fascinating.

>> didn't see that coming.

>> i didn't either.

>> again, he shows he is human.

>> all right.

>> say lots of prayers on that rosary, i guess.