TODAY   |  March 07, 2014

Steals and Deals: Get your Zumba on

TODAY contributor Jill Martin gives the scoop on the hottest items to help you take on any weekend, including sweaters worn by the stars and a Zumba exercise kit.

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>>> that brought us these products at discounted prices. they're exclusively for our "today" viewers and "today" contributor for "people stylewatch" is dylan. she's here to take us through the deals and remind us how to get the deals.

>> nobody likes the complainer, but it's legitimately cold. we have a surprise. so this is going to be worth it. you sound very excited. okay. so go to, we will link you to the retailers websites and you can get all the deals. if you want them, go fast because they blow out.

>> they fly out the shelves.

>> first, sweaters. tell us about these.

>> all right. i want you to model one because it's freezing.

>> happily.

>> okay. so the retail is $368. you have this city poncho. this is sort of a high-end wool. it's a neutral tone with split sleeve one size fits all or a cardigan one size fits all again. jennifer aniston , gwyneth paltrow , the deal's $79. that's 79% off.

>> that is a great deal. i like to wear all of these right now.

>> also, as we go into warmer weather, i hope, we can use them, as well.

>> you could warm up by i don't know, exercising, a little zumba deal.

>> that was the chill out over the weekend, now we have to work out. this is zumba that retail $190, we were dancing earlier, right? okay. the set includes a v-neck, cargo pants, tote bag, cookbook and a cd set, all a zumba dvd set in english and spanish. so the retail is $190. the deal is $47.99. that's for everything.

>> wow.

>> 75% off.

>> so this is your get in shape part of the weekend.

>> it's like the complete zumba set there.

>> and it's fun.

>> okay. well, this is to dress up your outfit for a fun saturday night out. the jewelry i.d. bracelets that retail $112. this is sort of a classic meets vintage vibe, gold, silver or rose-plated. you can see all the choices here. seven different color combos. go online to see. sold in stores like anthropology, select fans include rihanna and katy perry . retail $112. the deal, $32.

>> oh.

>> that's 71%.

>> you could stack them if you wanted.

>> yeah, i actually -- i can't even.

>> you did.

>> all right. we've got a cook set. tell us about this.

>> well, i will never use this, but there are a lot of people who like to cook. the retail 's $219. my mother actually tried these out and they're great. no stick. six-piece complete ceramic cookware collection. so, again, no stick. you get the 8-inch fry pan. saute pans and a 6-quart pot and lid. the deal $65. that's 70% off.

>> that's good. you got a new apartment, starting off, that is great. finally, the brick bag.

>> do you like these bags? okay. i can't see over the bag. retail $175. this is to go shopping on the weekends.

>> yes.

>> it's a large shopper nylon water and stain resistant. now, there's a removable pocket you see here and that turns into a cross- body bag . you know how i love two-for-ones.

>> yes, i do.

>> the retail $175, the deal, $61. that's 65% off.

>> you know what is a better price than $61, zero