TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Prevention magazine picks healthiest packaged foods

Siobhan O’Connor from Prevention magazine showcases some packaged food items that are light on sugar and sodium and made without genetically modified ingredients, including Greek yogurt, turkey breast and butternut squash soup.

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>>> okay, face it, life is busy. at the end of the day , it sometimes easier to get your meals from a package.

>> you want to make sure what is in the package doesn't have a lot of artificial ingredients.

>> prevention magazine scours the shelves and has the cleanest packaged foods award.

>> tested like 100, but we have 20.

>> we have 100 winners. we tested hundreds to get to these. so just quickly, the criteria, fewer than ten grams of added sugar. fewer than ten grams of sodium, no bpa, had to be sustainable if it is seafood and no gmo ingredients.

>> okay.

>> i understood what you said.

>> so in the breakfast category, yogurt is a great choice. you want to go unflavored or low sugar. so these are both stoney field or goganic greek yogurt and siggis is icelandic style, so let tart.

>> add some of your own flavor.

>> organic eggs, these have that bright neon yolk, delicious. so waffles can be a health food . we have discovered. so go ahead and taste.

>> okay.

>> not a waffle eater.

>> these waffles from van's are wonderful. if you put justin's classic peanut butter on top, it is really healthy and a great way to --

>> peanut butter , okay.

>> dairy case. decision fatigue. soy milk is often chalky and high in sugar. this is neither. this is silk, organic, nice and smooth. this is new from organic valley , lactose free, great for you, hoda.

>> me too.

>> her too. okay.

>> and it is a half and half . that's great if you want to put that in your coffee.

>> i used to love half and half , remember?

>> maybe i'll try that. what about the bread category?

>> this sandwich, the bread is from ezekiel's, food for life , ezekiel's, with the turkey you get 18 grams of protein and 210 calories.

>> this is the -- i get this without even knowing it.

>> it is organic turkey breast.

>> the thing you don't want to sacrifice is taste. you know, you don't want to eat cardboard your whole life.

>> no.

>> mm. taste it. oh, my god. i love that.

>> mustard on that, that's lunch. good.

>> these three categories, soup, hot dogs and frozen meals are very high in sodium. these are not. this is pacific organic, butternut squash soup, delicious. even hot dogs can be healthy.

>> which ones are those?

>> turkey?

>> those are turkey hot dogs , exactly. this is from amy's, vegetable lasagna , creamy, rich, full of flavor. snacks. most important category. wonderful pistachios, nice to eat them from the shell, it slows you down.

>> calories are they basically or --

>> competitively lower from other nuts, yeah.

>> i didn't know that.

>> and great source of protein and what not.

>> what about chips?

>> sweet potato chips are a great swap. fiber and vitamin a but still the salty crunch.

>> got to close it up.

>> snicker doodles from enjoy life. they're vegan and --

>> all of this is on your website?

>> absolutely.

>> thank you. you can find all the winners on