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TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

How to test your home’s air and water quality

Handyman Lou Manfredini, host of “House Smarts,” shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to check your water and air quality with a simple at-home test. He also demonstrates an easy way to insulate around your windows and doors.

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>>> fix yourself.

>> you can. and here to help you do just that is "today" contributor, host of "house smarts," lou manfredini.

>> good morning, ladies.

>> hi, sweetheart. it is cold out and people are getting chilled. you have ways to help us out?

>> i do.

>> here is susan. she says do you have any recommendation for checking air quality or water quality via home kits?

>> there is all these home test kits you can buy. they do a myriad of things. one thing that people are most concerned with is mold, radon, mildew inside the home. these home test kits cost anywhere from $10 to $15. however, they do have a lab component. so, for instance, this radon kit, which radon, you know, is a gas, you have to be very conscious of, take the vials, put them in the basement, typically lower level, leave them for 48 hours , put them in an envelope. mail them to the company. for $30, they'll do an analysis and let them know what the air quality is.

>> that's a lot less expensive than having someone come in --

>> if you're concerned, if your furnace filters are not the pleated type like these, this will help immensely and something else for air quality that i want everybody to remember is carbon monoxide detectors.

>> a lot of people do not have those.

>> oh, my gosh. we had the story in new york about the restaurant. businesses don't have legislation. please make sure there is one of these on every floor.

>> i can't believe businesses don't require that.

>> you would think they would be. next question from judy. we have a wooden front door and it has been on the house for over 30 years. we have noticed since it has been so cold, there is no insulation around the frame, a lot of air blows around the frame, they have been putting towels under it.

>> weather stripping is the number one thing you can do to be warmer. i was at a fraid show last week and i discovered this stuff i never saw before, a product called cinch. what they did is they developed a weather stripping , this kind of weather stripping has been around forever. however, they have the super duper sticky 3m tape on the back. all you need to do is peel this away, you can cut this with a pair of tin snips like this to the size, a door kit is about $30, once you cut it in place, with the door closed, you put it here, push it against there. you push it, and you can apply this down to 30 degrees. so even when it is cold out, the tape will stick.

>> here is my question, though, excuse me, sweetie. can you then stain it so it matchs?

>> comes in different colors.

>> there you go. i wouldn't have that -- it is unsightly.

>> you wouldn't want white. i did that for the effect.

>> people want to know, i don't want that white.

>> 30 seconds, what's going on here?

>> he doesn't think about things like that.

>> the question is, the lady wrote in her down spouts go into the ground and it is frozen because the winter will never end.

>> ever.

>> she said, can i take my down spouts and extend them away so the water will drain? yes, you can. you need to cut the downspout with a hacksaw like this. there are these extenders. hold on to that really strongly. pull. pull.

>> you pull.

>> you pull.

>> oh -- oh.

>> let's do that again.

>> then you put this like this, no, no. not like that. that looks look a bubbler. it goes like this and it goes out on to the --

>> the downspout.

>> lou , you can do everything.

>> there will be ice there, put salt, it will make a skating rink .

>> if you can find someone. you cannot find it anymore.

>> a question for lou , go to, click the connect