TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Grandma gets ‘NYC chic’ Ambush Makeover

Hair stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over a 50-year-old woman who has never colored her hair, as well as a grandma who rarely wears makeup.

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>>> we're pack with the moment you've all been waiting for. our "ambush makeovers," where two lucky ladies from our 15 degree plaza have a chance for a head to toe new look.

>> the team behind the magic, everybody sing , louis licari and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin. looking fetching as usual.

>> the most gorgeous girl in the world.

>> all righty. how was that plaza, that freezing ice cold plaza?

>> oh, my gosh. we have both decided that today was our coldest day.

>> there were two people, we picked those two.

>> the two that were there.

>> a short story.

>> one of them was erica hughes, 50 years old from lake worth , florida. she works in a hospital, always in scrubs with no time to glam up. today is her 50th birthday. i saw her when i walked in this morning. she decided it was time for a new beginning. let's take a listen.

>> we have a virgin at 50. happy birthday . explain.

>> i have never colored my hair. this is virgin hair.

>> and today is the first day, louis is very excited and so exciting for your sister, lori.

>> i'm very excited. happy birthday , erica . i hope you have a great time getting your hair colored and i can't wait to see the new you.

>> you've never seen her look different, right?

>> i've never seen her look different. she's beautiful. i love her dimples and i think she wears her color well, but it will be fun to see something different and new.

>> yea. happy birthday !

>> thank you.

>> oh, it is the birthday girl . she's here with her sister and mom lori and jean. please keep your blindfolds on for a second until i give you the green light . here she is before. erica . and let's see the new you, erica .

>> oh!

>> all right ladies, please take off your blindfolds and take a look-see.

>> i don't even recognize you from this morning. spin right around here, honey, and take a look.

>> wow.

>> you look fantastic.

>> wow. spin right around. look right here at camera 12.

>> she wants to keep looking. i don't blame her.

>> oh, yes. tell us about the hair, louis .

>> happy birthday , erica , first of all.

>> thank you.

>> this is a very simple color. if you have gray hair and want to take away ten years, this is a quick fix that works. takes less than an hour. this time we had about 30 minutes , right, erica ? and then vanessa took her hair, which was already short, but gave it style.

>> adorable.

>> what do you think?

>> i love it. you look awesome.

>> mom, what do you think?

>> i love it too. i need one.

>> you're next.

>> i love this. this leather jacket .

>> it is too cold. so we did a pants day today. kinky boots , which we saw. so we picked an outfit you can mix and match. nydj jeans fit her tuche perfectly.

>> go girl. please join your family.

>> our second lady is leah schmidt, 52 from kansas city , missouri. she has four kids, ages 19 through 29 and also is a grandmother. she prides herself on getting ready in only ten minutes. but today our team spent more than that, even though she was skeptical. let's listen to her story.

>> she is a little shocked and her husband, scott, hi, scott, is going to be more shocked.

>> absolutely. he's going to be incredibly shocked.

>> what do you think of all this?

>> it is very surprising. i wasn't expecting that this morning. i'm speechless.

>> ready to see a whole new you?

>> yes, of course. i'm excited.

>> i'm flipping out.

>> and flipping out.

>> all righty, she's here with her friends tracy and deborah. there they are. let's take one last look before at leah schmidt. and let's stake a look now at the after of louis and jill . here she is. oh, my gosh. i love that hair. are you ready to look? go for it.

>> oh, my god.

>> that's a great haircut.

>> it is very -- turn around, leah . have a look at yourself .

>> oh, my god. it is incredible. i love it.

>> it is fantastic.

>> thank you.

>> right into camera 12 there. please tell us what you did, louis .

>> leah is absolutely new york city chic. i mean, this is incredible. this is a great haircut by vanessa. and, of course, we gave her this high fashion style, reddish auburn color. and the big tip here is she never wore makeup in her life and she looked great. today, enid put a little bit of makeup on and look at the difference. you are so glamorous.

>> can you see okay? do you have your glasss?

>> i cannot read. i can see.

>> you can see yourself. jill , what about this outfit? which i love.

>> mixing and matching. adriana papel pants, black pants, everyone should have. and the jacket is andrew martin . a zip-in. needed a new jacket and we were happy to give it to her.

>> what do you think, ladies?

>> let's bring erica back out.