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TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Kathie Lee: There is hope for Justin Bieber

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb take a look at some of the photos of Justin Bieber’s tattoos that police took when the singer was arrested in January. KLG believes that Justin knows what’s right and has faith that he will straighten out his life soon.

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>> hello, everybody. it is thirsty thursday, march 6th . we are just moving along in march and we have got with the anticipation that is coming along for st. paddy's day.

>> we'll have a performance with celtic woman today.

>> their songs are always number one on the world charts. we have our "ambush makeovers." and lou manfredini is back to answer questions.

>> we love him. we had a fun day yesterday. very, very rarely do all of us ladies at the "today" show have a chance to go out -- well, before that, please -- to go out together. we had lunch at frankie and johnny 's. we all had the exact same lunch.

>> shrimp scampi.

>> salad.

>> and spinach and rice.

>> with lots of lemon.

>> and wine. so we were eating and drinking and eating and drinking and eating and drinking.

>> we were welcoming tamron officially. still hadn't had an opportunity to really celebrate savannah's engagement, and so we said, let's do lunch and go to a matinee.

>> if you ever had one of those lunches where you just -- you're eating and drinking and laughing and time just passes you by. all of a sudden nor, no one had their phones out, no one had their watches out because nobody wears one anymore.

>> i do.

>> you didn't have it on. now the show starts, they ask you to be there before 2:00, 2:00 everyone should be in their seats.

>> then they start around 2:08, tradition.

>> i looked at my phone and it was 2:09 and we were sitting there.

>> i don't think we paid the bill.

>> natalie paid.

>> natalie , oh, perfect natalie . so over her.

>> treating. we literally scooped our coats up and ran like crazy --

>> i did, hoda. you guys went to the bathroom.

>> i had to go. i would have never made it.

>> i said we're coming, honestly, we're coming, we're so sorry. we sat in the back because we didn't want to spoil it. it is called "the bridges of madison county " starring four-time or five-time tony nominee kelley o'hara, another one for this one and steven pasqual who you know from "rescue."

>> very cute.

>> sexy as all get out. and it is all about -- it is like the book and the movie of the same name. and we enjoyed ourselves.

>> we did.

>> i would say the audience was 90% women, wouldn't you?

>> what did you say after the show? to him. we went backstage and took that photo.

>> now we can show the photo.

>> there we are. guess what kathie lee said to the man next to her?

>> i'm sorry. i always speak the truth.

>> it came out. you made a lot of horny housewives very happy today.

>> yes, she did. she said that.

>> he was so cute. he said, i hope there is a whole lot of them out there because we want to keep the show going for a long time.

>> by the way, it is all of that.

>> it is. it is about adultery, keep that in mind, but ultimately --

>> don't spoil it.

>> let's just keep that in mind if you've forgotten. four days, a lonely iowa housewife and this hunkie photographer -- i want to say good housekeeping --

>> national geographic .

>> good housekeeping wouldn't quite be the same. i'm here to -- i'm going to go do your garden, lady. anyway, we enjoyed it.

>> we had fun.

>> beautiful music . great performances.

>> there is a terrific story about a couple, you guys, their names are andy and sarah from oklahoma. they always wanted children.

>> yes.

>> and they were having trouble conceiving children.

>> right.

>> and they decided that they wanted to adopt.

>> right.

>> and it just so happened when they were adopting their children, they didn't adopt one child, they ended up adopting triplets.

>> yes, because -- yes, one adoption and --

>> one adoption, three babies. and they were very excited to have the triplets. well, it just so happened that shortly after the adoption went through, guess who got pregnant? yes, she did. sarah found out she was pregnant, not with one baby, but two. so now within the course of one year, this couple has five babies.

>> the triplets are 10 months old and the twins, i guess, are 10 weeks, right? can you imagine? they go through over 80 bottles and 300 diapers a week. and then they have gone through -- the adoption process for such a long time, can you imagine they thought they had a baby coming and twice the birth mother changed her mind. this is so fraught with so much pain and frustration. but we're so happy for them. so they visited "today" this morning.

>> so adorable. they say they do a lot of feeding and they're very rarely off their feet, they're either changing diapers or feeding.

>> god has a great sense of humor.

>> yes, amen.

>> i like that their neighborhood and church are taking care of them as well. you know what i did last night?

>> what?

>> my very first google hangout. i know -- i know.

>> you're so techie.

>> so techie. i want to thank roma downey and mark burnett . you know who was on is diogo delgado and our friend eduardo --

>> two of the sexiest men.

>> i didn't realize he's the voice, he dubbed the voice of jesus into the spanish --

>> too bad you can't see his face.

>> you could. the two of them, and they have never met. it was fun. thank you, you guys. hope you enjoyed it.

>> there was a sweet piece of video we should show. there is this little boy , must have been 4, 5 or something, went to a soccer match, brazil was playing south africa . and it was a great -- one of those moments. this kid decides, he's going to do something, a big no-no, run out on the field. look at him. the referees are like, get out, get out, dragging him out. he looks like, what? and then guess what happens? guess what happens?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> look at that.

>> look at that smile.

>> he goes over -- it gets better. they decide they're going to grab him, they're going to hoist him.

>> oh, my gosh. fantastic. which team is doing that?

>> i think it is -- is it brazil? i think it is brazil.

>> they'll take pictures.

>> with the superstars.

>> oh, my gosh. that is the sweetest.

>> he probably cannot believe --

>> talking about sexy, how sexy is that to see those guys be that kind and -- they were -- they were once that little boy .

>> oh.

>> amazing.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> oh, wow.

>> i love that. let's go on to --

>> wasn't such a good day for justin bieber.

>> not so good.

>> bless his heart.

>> miami beach police department --

>> sthey scooped him up. we saw the video of him trying to walk the line .

>> i didn't think he did so badly.

>> didn't look terrible. but they did show -- they released all the photos they took of him in prison, because if you're arrested, they take pictures of all the things that are, like, scars or tattoos identifiable markings. so he has 20 tattoos, which we have seen --

>> for every year of his life.

>> we have seen most of them. he's usually shirtless on stage and stuff. he's got the image of jesus on one side. a grinning joker face.

>> he's got mom there. i know that. he's got a psalm, your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. and i don't think he was talking about when he's walk ing the line. he knows what's right and one of these days he's going to come around and start doing it, hoda, i promise you.

>> you do. speaking of tattoos, did you see this one?

>> i called my mom as i do every morning. my mom was crying her eyes out because she had just seen this.

>> this is somebody who decided to tattoo on his dog a heart with his wife's name. him and his wife's name. and i dpes tguess the dog was having the spleen removed and was under anyway and then in came the tattoo artist and tattooed that. it is so sad.

>> i think it is animal abuse , i do. it is one thing if you want to have a tattoo and your choice to undergo it and have the pain, don't do that to an animal that has no choice in the matter. i don't care how much you love your wife. do it on her if she wants it. leave the dog alone -- if she wants it. settle down, people. it should be consensual tattooing is my point.

>> exactly. so we have been doing our pop the question contest. this is our last finalist. you're voting on -- tony and erica . tony was a bachelor forever.

>> confirmed.

>> erica was a single mom of two, met in 2012 . so --

>> tony knew he wanted to marry erica . when it came time, he enlisted santa claus . take a look.

>> what would you like for christmas, my dear?

>> diamond ring .

>> oh!

>> is there anybody here that can help me out?

>> i can help out. i can.

>> oh!

>> that is cute.

>> oh, my god.

>> take those gloves off, baby.

>> yeah, tony took erica and her daughters to this christmas tree farm . that's where he popped the question. she was so sweet about that.

>> he enlisted the daughters, the kids and so -- that's a huge new change for them. that's beautiful.

>> sweet.

>> go to, you guys, you can vote on whichever --

>> she's got a consensual tattoo. right there. she wanted it. she got it. it is called adulthood, good for you. we do have a sad --

>> yes.

>> such a sweet --

>> one of our most loyal fans, we call him veto, he is such a great guy, met him in palm beach several years ago and he used to always watch our show, said he loved watching kathie lee dance, every now and then --

>> i made the old man happy. he was precious.

>> such a sweet man. he passed away. his daughter sent us the picture and we wanted to say we loved he watched.

>> it made us happy that we made him happy. vito, we will miss you and our condolences to your loved ones .