TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Chocolate cake in a mug: Hottest Internet videos

YouTube’s Zayna Aston joins TODAY to talk about some of the web’s most popular how-to videos, including one that shows you how to make a mini cake in a mug.

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>>> find anything on youtube these days, but there are some rising stars with amazing videos you definitely need to check out.

>> here is zana aston.

>> good to see you.

>> who doesn't love having a piping hot fresh chocolate cake .

>> exactly. this comes from sorted food and we're going to make chocolate cake in a mug.

>> and sorted food is hugely popular.

>> hugely popular. we have dry ingredients in the mug, sugar, flour, cocoa. we'll just add the wet ingredients, add the egg in and give it a good stir and the oil and milk as well.

>> why has this one gone so viral?

>> this is one of their most popular videos. it's because it's so easy. for those of us who doesn't like cleaning up, it only makes a mug and a spoon as equipment.

>> how many times have you made this?

>> quite a few.

>> and every time it works?

>> every time.

>> and it's that simple, putting in those ingredients?

>> yes.

>> how many minutes?

>> two and a half minutes in the microwave. we'll let that took while we move over to our next video.

>> i love putting you to work there. this one is a surprise to even us. we've not seen this.

>> this comes from a video series called amazing bets you cannot lose. what we have in front of us is a pile of salt. you're going to take the pepper and sprinkle a very little bit on top of that salt. here we go. little bit.

>> there you go. and now the challenge for you is how can you separate the pepper and the salt without touching it?

>> without touching the plate?

>> without touching any of it.

>> okay, i'm let you in on the trick.

>> what you need is a balloon. you just want to rub it against your shirt, build up some static electricity and hold it over the top and you'll see the pepper -- oh, look at that!

>> the salt and pepper separates.

>> i didn't mean to scream but i'm easily impressed.

>> this comes from a channel called quirkology. there's all sorts of magic tricks and other bets you can never lose. a sure fire way to impress your friends.

>> i love that. next up a sock bun?

>> a sock bun. from a channel called mr. kate . al, this might not be for you.

>> not so much.

>> we take the sock and cut off the toe and we make a sock bagel.

>> should you use clean socks?

>> generally.

>> just checking.

>> make a sock bagel, not a skr scrun scrunchy.

>> nina is actually producing this segment. she put herself in the segment. i don't have anybody else, i have to put myself in the segment.

>> so you do need long hair to do this and you wrap your hair around the sock bagel or sock donut, whatever your preference and it makes a lovely little bun without any bobby pins. so it really nice and simple.

>> and you're rushing through this.

>> i am rushing through it, so i'm not making it very pretty.

>> we have 18 seconds left on this cake. i love that.

>> what is this?

>> mr. kate . a designer styist called kate albrecht.

>> i'm stalling for time. three, two, one!

>> we'll see how our cake is.

>> whoo!

>> it's kind of liquid.

>> oh, is it not --

>> no, it's firm.

>> maybe we needed to mix it a little bit more. if you want to throw some icing mixture on top.

>> this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we do want to remind you to join us for google book club.