TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Matt and Savannah flip bacon pancakes

Chef Jodie Rogers shows TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie how to give flapjacks a sweet and savory makeover, making bacon pancakes, plus a carrot cake version.

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>>> "today's kitchen." we are warming up the griddle. we'll make one of the most celebrated and satisfying meals to start the day. pancakes, a staple of the classic american breakfast.

>> what's your favorite breakfast?

>> pancakes.

>> they're a crowd pleasing favorite. and however you stack them, they've inspired races, competitions and even world records . sizzling griddles in restaurants in diners across the country. we can personalize our pancakes to perfection. we are officially hungry now. chef jody rogers, how are you?

>> good.

>> we're going to make carrot cake pancakes. you do the liquids first and then the drive stuff, right?

>> correct.

>> what do we have here?

>> we have our butter milk eggs, with our oil. we have a high altitude recipe here.

>> are we going to whisk that or stir it?

>> let's whisk.

>> it's a little bit of a small container to be whisking. i'm going to be careful.

>> once we've done that, we add it to the dry?

>> yes.

>> do i do it slowly or all at once?

>> it's all at once.

>> now, we're not going to mix this too much. it's okay to have a few lumps. i think it looks good. you don't want to mix it too good. it's gummy.

>> carrots today. we're doing our toasted walnuts and our scinnamon.

>> there's a lot of cinnamon in there. we're going to use the spatula this time. nice and slow.

>> is it going to taste real carroty? not that i'm a skeptic.

>> let's say the kids won't notice it.

>> i'm going to mix it smoother than it is.

>> a little ladle.

>> a nice hot griddle with a little oil on it?

>> a little oil on there. what we're looking for here is a few bubbles to be coming up. the carrot usually takes a little longer than anything plain. we'll use the same mix later on.

>> i have a few bubbles. can i flip one?

>> yes.

>> savannah, why are you stepping back?

>> i don't know.

>> perfect.

>> awesome.

>> so altogether, it cooks about two minutes?

>> each one.

>> and then we have a cream cheese frosting, the same one we put on our muffins.

>> let's get savory now.

>> is this the same batter?

>> it is. can you use any batter.

>> we like butter milk .

>> the butter milk is great.

>> we're going to ladle a couple --

>> her mix looks a lot better than my mix.

>> where does the bacon come in? not yet.

>> actually, we're going to let that cook for about a minute or less and then we're going to take some of this bacon here and springle that on top.

>> after a minute or right away?

>> we can do that right away.

>> i'm very slow and deliberate when i make pancakes. it's important. a little bunch of this?

>> as much as you want.

>> just throw it right there?

>> that's right.

>> pan takes are so versatile. you can add freshtime to this, blueberries. the skyi's the limit.

>> i'm going to put more in. why not. i may have tested this bacon.

>> so it's really not time to flip yet?

>> not yet. but we have to make a little freshti thyme lemon zest .

>> what about lemon zest ?

>> let's go with all of that. lemon's good.

>> and a pinch of salt.

>> pinch of salt. and we're just going to mix that through.

>> with the spatula?

>> yes.

>> is it time to flip yet?

>> i think very soon.

>> let me know . keep me posted.

>> it's really not a sweet pancake at all then.

>> the only sweetness in this, a tiny little bit of sugar. you'll find when you put the cream on that, it turns that beautiful savory flavor.

>> is that mixed enough?

>> i think it looks great.

>> oh, it's good. it does have that little --

>> you want a little hint of thyme.

>> these are other ideas.

>> can you take this cheese here and sprinkle it on and cook it into there. we have a little banana butter --

>> i love that.

>> chocolate chips, we have creme fresh .

>> this looks like breakfast, lunch