TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’ get movie makeover

A new generation of kids will be introduced to the classic cartoon about a super-smart dog and his boy, with voice work by stars like Ty Burrell. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> we are back at 8:40. a new generation of kids will be introduced to a classic cartoon this weekend.

>> the new animated movie "mr. peabody and sherman " hits theaters.

>> you can trust me, paul. i'm a licensed chiropractor.

>> the main character in "mr. peabody & sherman " is a nobel laureate , inventor, musician. for the voice behind mr. peabody, life does not always imitate art.

>> everyone who knows me know what is a herculean feat it is for me to play a genius.

>> it's a modern take on peabody's improbable history, a cartoon that aired during the "rocky and bullwinkle" show years ago. max lends his 10-year-old chops to sherman.

>> sherman is a character that everything he touches, he breaks.

>> the father-and-son duo visit history.

>> one word i still have trouble pronouncing is agamemnon.

>> in scene, the characters swing by the trojan horse . the history lessons are a highlight for ariel winter , who plays his side kick annie.

>> and it has a talking dog ?

>> that's amazing. a talking dog in general is hilarious.

>> could you relate to it in some way?

>> you relate to the idea of universal love .

>> maybe with this story life actually does imitate art.

>> is that one of your favorites?

>> it's interesting because the rocky & bullwinkle series, they were known for this anarchist sense of humor, which this cartoon also had.