TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

New mom of 5: We change ‘300 diapers a week’

The proud parents of triplets and twins, all born in less than a year, join TODAY to chat about how the challenges and joys of managing their new family.

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>> don't hear about every day. a couple became the proud parents of five babies, all in less than a year. sara and andy justice were having some trouble conceiving so they adopted triplets. soon after, sara found out she was pregnant with twins. but first, a day in the life of this now very big family.

>> it's very different. it's a lot of fun.

>> if one person cries, then everyone decides to cry.

>> this is abigail , hannah , joel, elizabeth and andrew .

>> the logistics of it are --

>> pretty nerve racking.

>> pretty overwhelming.

>> hang on, joel. sweet potatoes . you want some?

>> we go through about 84 bottles a week.

>> it can get very crazy.

>> for the most part, i enjoy it a lot.

>> this is andrew . he doesn't necessarily like diaper changes. we come close to using about 3 hoon diapers a week.

>> as soon as you get within di -- one diaper changed, it's time to start all over again. i had no idea how difficult it would be just to go anywhere.

>> you do have to be very organized.

>> five babies, five car seats, me and mom. we really need a larger van.

>> nighttime.

>> head down. come on, head down.

>> after years of hoping for and praying for babies, it's just a blessing to have them. we love our babies. we can't imagine life without them.

>> and the justice family is with us right now. andy , sarah, good morning. we're going to need a bigger couch. it's funny, i just said let me hold this little baby, what's her name and you looked, oh, hannah . is it hard to tell them apart?

>> it is hard to tell them apart.

>> how do you do it? i heard there was a nail polish trick?

>> yeah. in the summer their toes are covered up.

>> this must have been overwhelming and exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time? how did you find out that now i'm having twins?

>> i was shocked. and a bit overwhelmed because i got to thinking, added it up and i'm like, wow, if they go to term, we're go five babies in eight months. so we were really excited because it was something we'd been dreaming of and longing for for years.

>> and how do you describe to people who have never been through something like this, this ramp up from zero to five in that amount of time, just what it's like, how it changes your life?

>> my husband says all we do is babies. everything else in life has pretty much stopped. but, i don't know, we've wanted -- it was something we wanted so badly that we love it. it's not to say it's not a lot of work and we're not tired a lot but it's great. we just really love having these children.

>> andy , i know you said god had a sense of humor.

>> yeah. it's -- it is overwhelming and it was more than a little ironic.

>> who is this here?

>> abigail .

>> abigail is so cute but i think she's just starting to fuss a little bit.

>> andrew 's not too happy either.

>> hannah 's just thrilled over here. she's doing great. so give us some logistics. what is the average day like? are you getting any sleep at all?

>> yeah, at least three hours.

>> in a row?

>> well, not necessarily.

>> and we do have help.

>> just traveling around, the car seats in a car.

>> we don't do a lot of extra traveling around. you plan your trips.

>> do you have family close by?

>> we do. most of our family is local and we have a very supportive church as well.

>> "today" day care .

>> your cup runneth over. justice family, thank you so much and thanks for introducing us to these beautiful children.

>> coming up, a look at "mr.

>>> coming up friday on today, she gears up for her snl debut this weekend.

>> we'll see you friday right here on "today."