TODAY   |  March 06, 2014

Holy guacamole! Could an avocado shortage be near?

A Western drought is impacting the California avocado crop and creating anxiety among guacamole lovers who fear the country could face an avocado shortage.  NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> i'm back at 7:43. everybody sitting down? have you heard about the restaurant that said it may have to talk the guacamole off the menu.

>> there are restaurants that only make sense with avocado on the men you.

>> the chipotle mexican train were aghast when a few words from their annual report went viral that given weather volatility associated with global climate change , we may choose to temporarily suspend certain items such as guacamole.

>> i would be very sad.

>> it would be a bummer.

>> although they said the no more guac shock will not happen and they will find a way to keep it happening. there is no guacolypse. farmers say these trees are struggling to survive and brackish ground water . his crop down 25% this sand the next a nightmare.

>> it's not going to flower this spring so we'll have no crop next year.

>> for this year there is a supply with other avocado growing companies to stop in.

>> i'd roll around on the ground and cry.

>> so it's a good news/bad news situation.

>> enough avocados to go around?

>> we should be concerned for the farmers who make a living trying to grow avocados but apparently there are other sources.

>> what about us guac lovers?

>> you're okay.

>> it's like us coffee lovers, when they say we're out of coffee and we go crazy.

>> there is a huge salsa shortage.