TODAY   |  March 05, 2014

Quiz! What is the former name of the Rockettes?

What were the Rockettes formerly called? Who was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Who was the first female writer on “Saturday Night Live”? Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Charlotte Triggs from People magazine, quiz fans on milestones in women’s entertainment history.

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>>> this winesday wednesday. we're playing trivia called "who knew." we're testing your knowledge of women who rock. speaking of women that rock, kathie is across the street. for those that get the answer right they get $100, for those that don't, they get a cd. charlotte, hi. first we ask this question. prior to moving to radio city music hall in 1934 , rockettes were known by what name? what is the correct answer?

>> the rocsiettes.

>> all right. over to you.

>> who knew? this legendary performer was the first woman inducted into the rock-n-roll hall of fame ?

>> journey mitchell?

>> she got in, but no. i think she did. you're going to find out who he was.

>> the correct answer is --

>> aretha. it took in the 1987 for a woman to get in. amazing.

>> did all of these get in?

>> eventually.

>> lovely girl from kentucky. this legendary performer -- that's yours.

>> thank you.

>> in 1947 female advertising copy writer frances gerety penned famous rock related tag line -- which one was it? give it a guess. hopefully within the next half hour.

>> c? i don't know.

>> yeah. oh my gosh. okay. a diamond is forever.

>> that was well done. people didn't used to buy engage ment rings when they got married. not surprising a woman came up with the line. they would just go tie the knot.

>> all right. father and son from connecticut. true or false, tina fey the creator of emmy winning show -- true or false?

>> false.

>> no. the correct answer was true. she was the first. there were so many talented women on the show before that. she was the first head writer.

>> got to move over a bit. hello. okay. what number one single launched the career of john jet and the black hearts in 1982 ? like a rock?

>> nope. there's plenty of good rock songs on this.

>> this is one of my favorite songs. i love rock-n-roll.

>> this has been remade of a lot of people. this made her career.

>> nice. brings back a lot of memories i don't wish to revisit.

>> from pittsburgh. this oscar winning actress played janet in the 1975 "the rocky horror picture show "?

>> susan se ran dan.

>> yeah.

>> tell us about susan.

>> before that she got her start on this movie. this is a hit. anybody who's seen it would recognize her.

>> she's young there. all right. i guess that's it kat. we need you to come back.