TODAY   |  March 05, 2014

Solo travel on the rise, especially among women

Travel expert Claire Newell joins TODAY to chat about the new trend of solo travel, particularly among women. She offers smart tips for traveling alone.

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>>> we are back at 8:46 with today's travel . and this morning, going solo , whether you're single or want some time alone, hitting the road by yourself can be a rewarding and liberating experience, too. and it's something that more women are doing than men. a travel expert and agent knows all about traveling solo.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> let's get the misconceptions out of the way. i think people think, okay, that sounds a little lonely.

>> yep.

>> maybe a little dangerous. and ironically, if you look into it, sometimes single travel costs more than going with a friend.

>> because of the dreaded single supplement fee. however, all those reasons shouldn't stop somebody going somewhere they want to see. just because they don't have someone to go with. and all of those misdemeanors, the fact it's dangerous, the fact you're going to be lonely and it's going to be expensive. all avoidable.

>> yeah. we can address those. more women than men are doing this. does that surprise you?

>> it doesn't because women are doing the purchasing with travel . and over the past six years, over 230% of women only travel companies have popped up and they're marketing directly to these women who are they're earning more money, not getting married until later, when the boomers feel like they want a right of passage, they're traveling.

>> let's see some of your tips. we've got them here. you address one of the issues. prearrange transportation.

>> i really like this idea. also, your accommodation. because of the fact you can leave your itinerary to someone that loves you and cares about you at home so they know how to contact you. but when you're landing in a place, easier, no hassle, get to where you need to go.

>> and arrive during daylight. that makes sense, respect local culture.

>> right. because some things are as simple as hand gestures, like okay sign could be really offensive in a country you're visiting. know the attire. dress more conservatively. and the laws. not that you're going to spit, but in singapore, you could land yourself in jail.

>> make friends at the hotel. do you mean people staying at the hotel or the concierge?

>> i mean it could be a guest, it could be concierge or front desk . but this is so if you're traveling alone and it just gives someone who is there an idea that you're maybe going. so say you go out for the day and you want to do a tour, tell somebody at the hotel even if you don't know them that way, a concierge and say i'm not going to be back until 8:00. and if you're not --

>> keep an eye out for you. earlier we asked our viewers if they had any tips about flying solo on vacation. what are we hearing?

>> well, one of them wrote in, download a good book or new favorite app and never be afraid to talk to someone new. thanks for that. another good one from heather. f fannie pack, you can't beat having your valuables on your body when you can see them at all times. one might argue that a purse does the same thing, but up to you. nick allen writes my advice, use a tour company. and keep those tips coming to orange room .

>> well, your on to something with the travel tour group. let's go through some of the deals you have here. what is this? be live --

>> it's in the dominican republic . fastest growing destination in the caribbean at the moment. it's a big resort. 820 rooms, tons for single travelers to do. and $119 a night, all inclusive. food, meals, drinks, got to love that.

>> highlights of italy.

>> it's a great trip. rome, florence, venice, and it's affordable. $873 single share, this company that does these tours, specializes in the solo travel and they will partner with you.

>> if you're feeling active, the inca trail . great for hiking, seeing great sights.

>> amazing to go see. i picked this one because it's $1,149 for a single share, only $149 if you want to upgrade to your own room.

>> four-day caribbean cruise.

>> this is great for people without that many vacation days and if they've never cruised before and want to do it as a trial. this is really affordable. $63 a day. $249 all in.

>> and last but not least, a seven-day caribbean cruise.

>> great itinerary on a big, huge ship, there's 18 restaurants and cruise lines are really catering to solo travelers. the first day they'll call you up and say, come to the -- all right, claire, great idea, thanks for the