TODAY   |  March 05, 2014

Travolta ‘beating himself up’ over Oscar flub

John Travolta is speaking out about his gaffe at the Academy Awards Sunday night, when he called singer Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem.”  Both the actor and the singer are saying “let it go” regarding  the incident.

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>>> well, people just can't get enough of the john travolta adele dazeem story when he flubbed idina menzel 's name at the oscars. now we're hearing from both stars. in a statement travolta says he's been beating himself up over the gaffe. he added what would idina menzel say? she'd say let it go, let it go.

>> you have to sing it.

>> you might be right. a source says idina thought the whole thing was funny. she's being a good sport about it.

>> she said she didn't hear it, right? because she was preparing for a song.

>> ellen came out and said her name like three times so people would know.

>> fantastic.

>> she's just enjoying her moment anyway.

>> yeah.

>> by the way, i watched "frozen" again last night with my kids. it's becoming every day.

>> such a classic.

>> you have to watch it.