TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

3 tips for adding design flair to your home

Home designer Jeff Lewis from the Bravo show “Flipping Out” explains how wall collages helps add personality to a room, and reveals an untraditional way to use photos with bookshelves.

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>>> for six seasons, bravo reality star jeff lewis has been doling out design advice in his improvement series called "flipping out".

>> tomorrow night, jeff kicks off season seven is here to offer tips for anyone hoping to make improvements on their own time.

>> we'll learn from jeff .

>> pay attention. there will somebody takeaway.

>> first of all, lost show . zoila, i'm obsessed with her, the cleaning lady, the housekeeper.

>> yes.

>> she's been promoted in the show?

>> she's now house manager . so she runs a staff of three. she is doing a terrible job at it. it has become, like, small version of really "downton abbey," yes.

>> in your own home.

>> she has an ego, doesn't she?

>> she has a huge ego. and, but you know what, she's been with me for a long time, so she has a lot of leeway. i think i give her too much leeway.

>> i love this. so i read that andy cohen said to you, you know, this show, most shows don't last three seasons.

>> the docu-series.

>> season seven.

>> everyone underestimated the show, including me. i think what happened is my life has taken a lot of twists and turns over the last seven years and it just has been interesting. and --

>> you can tell you guys are really friends, though. that's the cool thing about your show.

>> absolutely. there is real chemistry, real love . and the other day i was watching sh shahs of sunset, i'm embarrassed to say that, but they really work, they really like each other.

>> you have design tips. what are you going to show us? let's look at the first photo. what is it?

>> these are homes i just recently worked on. what i find when i go to my clients' houses they have more furniture and art than space. here is a way to display the art. we did a collage here. i wouldn't recommend you do this on every wall. but this room was actually just kind of a boring box, and so we went ahead and painted the accent wall a dark charcoal and we did -- we took -- i took the photographs. i actually washed a few of them in a seepia tone and brought in a couple for color. and then i continued the color in the orange pillow and also i added a pattern rod for interest.

>> you also -- i see you don't have a traditional coffee table. these are ottomans, baby friendly.

>> yes.

>> also you say that's a new trend?

>> not necessarily a new trend. but this room, what you don't see, there is a television on the other wall. so when you're watching tv , you want to relax, i like being able to put your feet up.

>> where do you put your coffee or wine?

>> two side tables there or a tray on the ottoman.

>> what happened here?

>> this is a book shelf ?

>> that was originally full of books. and not nice books. like novels, like --

>> whatever you read.

>> like jackie collins rock star . but you don't want people to know you read that, "fifty shades of grey", that's something you keep on your night stand . she had all kinds of accessories she wanted to display. i think i lost you already.

>> no. i was going to say i'm a little hurt, but go on. what else do you do?

>> she wanted to display her accessories. we took the books off, lightened up the shelf. she also had a couple of photographs. we hung them on the frame of the book shelf . also you can -- what i do, i'll take photographs and lean them inside the shelves. but what you don't know is we decided after this to paint the book shelf a glossy black, which actually ended up being very dramatic and black is really one of the biggest accents people are using now in 2014 . so we brought that -- that's what we did with the shelves.

>> jeff , thank you so much. you'll have fun this season with zoila, jenni and you.

>> you're in the flipping out as much, right? you're more --

>> i'm always flipping out.

>> the season premiere tomorrow night