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TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Guys panel: How to tell if he isn’t into you

Our Guys Tell All panelists Kyle Martino, Rick Younger, Chuck Nice and Jared Freid discuss how to tell your guy to lose weight, ways you can tell a man isn’t into you, and whether you should pressure your son to get married.

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>>> it is time for guys tell all and our panel of very handsome men tell you everything you ever wanted to know about love and dating.

>> back to answer your berning questions are kyle martino , sports analyst for the premier league .

>> little bit of news.

>> what's the news?

>> pregnant. i'm not but my wife.

>> next up, comedian rick younger married with a son. his show march 21st here in new york. he always has a new project.

>> that's right.

>> got to feed the baby.

>> up next, it is a married father of three, comedian chuck nice .

>> i'm pregnant.

>> and finally, the single guy who writes, another funny guy, his name is jared free. you're new, jared. are you scared?

>> i'm a little afraid. i'm happy for chuck having a baby.

>> let's start off, here is a question from catherine, viewer mail. how can you tell if a guy is into you? i've been dating a guy for a month now. things have gotten intimate, but it feels like he's backed off from initiating another conversation or spending any time together.

>> oh, gosh.

>> we talk every day, but lately only because i start it. what is the verdict?

>> as you're going through the question, you could hear collective moans.

>> how do you know a guy into you. that's how i know he's not, if i ask the question.

>> you give it more than a month to decide. give it some time. it is, like, a lot of times are -- they want to know they're in at the beginning.

>> doesn't know your last name at this point, it is probably too late. and the chase, guys love to chase. if he's not chasing you, that's a little bit of a worry.

>> you know what you always say about that, guys don't run for a bus once they're already on it.

>> once they're already on.

>> no man runs for a bus once he's already on it. and so here's what i'm thinking. i was surprised you have become very intimate with this man, he's now backed off. that's weird. i mean, that should bring you together, right? here's what you do. this is my advice to every woman. after you become intimate, do not call him. disappear on him. preemptive strike.

>> in essence, once he gets on the bus, throw him off the bus and make him chase it again.

>> that's right.

>> that's it.

>> double his fare.

>> i got your bus money. what you going to do?

>> do not get -- you pay for every ride.

>> every ride.

>> across the street for the next question.

>> hello.

>> hi, my name is amy. i'm from denver, colorado. i have a 22-year-old son. he's been in a relationship for three years now. he doesn't want to get married until he's 30. but how do i talk to him to let him know he could be letting the one go? she's a wonderful girl.

>> okay. what do you think?

>> i'm confused. are you trying to marry your son? what is going on? what is happening here? what are you talking about?

>> the only thing is he's not ready, he's just not ready. you can't make a guy be ready. sometimes, you know, you got to let it go and if it comes back --

>> what about the numbers? i don't want to get married until i'm 30.

>> bad idea.

>> i don't see that. someone told me, this say good one, when a guy says i don't want to get married, he doesn't mean in general, he means to you.

>> what do you think?

>> he's waiting for the better bus to come down the road. this isn't it?

>> looking for new girls.

>> you know what, i think that he's -- he's 22 and he's just not ready to get married right now.

>> okay.

>> maybe it is about the pressure.

>> that's not going to help.

>> we'll come back. don't go anywhere. they'll be back again.