TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Give your man’s closet a spring cleaning’s Tyler Thoreson joins TODAY to show you to how upgrade your man’s look (and make him get rid of that one beloved item of clothing he can’t stop wearing).

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>>> all right. we all have that one favorite old item in our closet that makes our significant other cringe when we wear it in public.

>> we found three guys who were willing to throw away that beloved piece of furniture for a style upgrade. here to reveal the new look, the men's editor.

>> good to see you.

>> you too, brother.

>> we're going to bring a dose of spring into the chilly day.

>> all right.

>> let's roll right into it. let's take a look, before, we've got emily and brent. this is brent's look, the front-pleated khaki.

>> we have serious excess fabric problem here going on with the shirt and trousers. before we dwell any more on this. can we show this after look?

>> yes.

>> better, right?

>> well, brett, you're 27, right? wait until you're 50 to dress like you're 50.

>> understood. understood.

>> we put a casual blazer from h & m on and made him look younger and hipper. a printed shirt, let's face it, you may not be able to wear at every office. and off-white jeans. the traditional rule is don't wear white until after memorial day . at, we're about breaking the rules. the key is to look like you know what you're doing.

>> i love this look. it's a big improvement.

>> do you think he'll actually wear it?

>> maybe not the button down shirt, but i think i can get the rest.

>> oh.

>> let's go.

>> all right.

>> let it go. let it go.

>> gone.

>> all right.

>> freedom.

>> okay. next up, olivia. your boyfriend mike is constantly lounging around on the weekends with this sweatshirt.

>> yes. yes. and i think it's a great sweatshirt, but i think it'd be better to wear going back to the university.

>> good point.

>> come on out. come on out, mike.

>> there he is. there he is.

>> looking good, man.

>> the college look is in. there's a difference between embracing the look and wearing the stuff you wore in college. there comes a time to let that look go. we've got a look going on here but got color. you're going to need the layering. the cold winter , going to be a cold spring . well, who am i to talk? you tell me.

>> you're doing great.

>> mike, you like this look?

>> yeah, love it. it's comfortable and, you know, go straight to work in this.

>> are you willing to give up the brown golf sweatshirt?

>> my golf coach won't be happy about it.

>> but guess what, you're not married to the golf coach. all right? who are you going home to, okay?

>> drop it, it's gone. boom.

>> all right.

>> big moment.

>> by the way, we're setting fire to this garbage can when this is over.

>> let's move over here. taisha, let's take a look at this spring wedding look, i guess.

>> not so bad, right? but to me it's a little bit 2004 . let's bring luis into 2014 .

>> i agree.

>> let's get rid of that blousy suit. come on out.

>> oh, man.

>> yes, sir, right?

>> the key is to put in some effort and also have some fun. we've got a traditional gray color palate. fun pocket square , adds the pop of color. the fit is great. look, you're respecting the occasion, but you're ready to have a good time. that's the essence of a spring wedding. you're liking it?

>> i'm loving it.

>> ready to dump it?

>> let that thing go.

>> it's over.

>> let it go.

>> yeah!

>> whoo-hoo!

>> everybody together. come on. that's a good-looking group. all right. once again, bringing style to our men. we appreciate it. and we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.

>>> well, we're told kathie lee is still out recovering from the oscars, so jenna bush hager is in the house