TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Get Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar look for less

Fashion expert Jeannie Mai visits TODAY to demonstrate how to get gowns inspired by the red-carpet looks at the Oscars.

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>>> prices. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's so fun when we do this. are we talking about straight knockoffs? or are we going to see things inspired?

>> i like to go inspired by. yes, the stars have their moment. but we're stars in our own lives.

>> yeah.

>> it's our moment to shine. i'm going to use the inspiration but show you how to make it look your own.

>> let's start with lupita nyong'o's look. everybody seemed to love this blue prada dress.

>> well, she had her own moment because it was such an effervescent, gorgeous dress. it was tiered, the plunge was everything. nairobi blue from her own home. and so this is a color that actually is great for many skin tones. as you'll see here on sara, nairobi blue. and it's got that beautiful tiered effect. and you can see it's all about the way the skirt falls that makes that dramatic entrance.

>> it has that feel of weightlessness that lupita's dress had.

>> it's hard to wear a plunge like that for everybody. here's something a lot more approachable for everybody out there. but the major moment of the princess effect was the hair accessory. i get all of mine from marshall's, they have the most high-trend high-fashion pieces.

>> let's talk about julia roberts . i thought her dress was really cool. tell us about what she wore.

>> julia roberts , a look we haven't seen on her, very modest, conservative. it was sophisticated and lovely. but here is a look that every woman can also enjoy in this julia roberts moment. it is cinched at the waist, david's bridal, black is gorgeous because it lets you stand out and you can soar. and this can be great for mother of the bride, moms --

>> incredibly flattering on courtney. looks beautiful.

>> i love it.

>> gorgeous. all right. our next celebrity, jessica biel , she kind of had the nude dress which was a bit of a trend.

>> that's right. a column gown straight across, very modern, it's a classic piece. here's our take. i went for a more blush tone because then it satisfies all skin tones. look at this applique. when you have something that shimmery to an effect, this is from amazon fashions, actually. . but when you have that, you can pull together a mix of metals. a statement ring like that, from t.j. maxx , i get all of my high-fashion pieces from there. you can get anything from gowns --

>> and a nice sparkle on danielle. and last but not least, jennifer lawrence , i love this red dress .

>> me, too.

>> it's beautiful.

>> i think every woman needs to own a drop dead red. and the dress is actually quite simple. now, oh, of course.

>> caroline, what happened. it was a jennifer lawrence .

>> come on, did you really? you needed to steal that moment, didn't you?

>> i have to tell you, this is my favorite designing experience. it's all about rent the runway. every single dress you can find on the red carpet can be found at rent the runway. and for less than $100 here, this moment is hers. and that leah sophia necklace draped toward the back is on trend.

>> i love that.

>> all right. thank you so much. models, thank you so much. and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> going on 9:00, gang.

>> oh, we've got a lot coming up.

>> a lot coming up.