TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

This baby is scared of Brian Williams

A 10-month-old tot seems to have a peculiar phobia: In a video gone viral, he breaks into tears every time the NBC anchor appears on TV.

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>> we all know him, we love him, brian williams , one of america's most respected journalists. millions tune in each night to watch "nbc nightly news." there's one little viewer who isn't such a big fan .

>> what's wrong? you don't like brian williams ?

>> uh-oh. it's brian williams .

>> brian shared some doubts about the awe thuthenticity.

>> as a father of two, first of all, he's being goaded by the dad.

>> yes, he is.

>> we have a video, another nice family has sent us of a golden retriever , no matter what is going on in the house, the theme comes on, my voice comes on, right into the den. he is a fantastic viewer.

>> yeah.

>> i don't know, child, golden retriever .

>> turns out diane sawyer 's nephew.

>> okay.

>> that took a weird turn.