TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Runners give spontaneous salute to WWII vet

Nearly half the runners in a benefit race in San Jose, Calif., took detours to shake the hand of a 95-year-old veteran who came out in full uniform to cheer them on.

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>> this. a really great video of a race that took a surprising and heartwarming turn. 95-year-old joe bell is a world war ii vet on a drizzly morning, he came out in his full uniform to cheer on some runners in an 8-kilometer race. first, a few of them took a quick detour to thank him for his service. but then watch, something remarkable happens.

>> thank you!

>> thank you!

>> thank you very much.

>> just about half the people in that race stop what they're doing. it's a race for them. and they go over to thank him and say we appreciate your service.

>> maybe some just needed a break.