TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Pope Francis drops accidental ‘F bomb’

The Argentina-born pontiff mispronounced an Italian word during his weekly Vatican blessing on Sunday, accidentally using an Italian equivalent of the “F” word.

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call pope: used the italian equivalent of the "f" word. now, he meant to say the word that means example. instead, a similar word that means something very different in italian, essentially the f-bomb. and apparently it is a common mistake among non-native italian speakers.

>> it was an accidental --

>> yeah. he didn't have to go to confession. accident.

>> that depends on how you use it. you use it as a verb. i'm a fan. i love it.

>> he can go to confession with himself.

>> exactly.

>> he's great.

>> forgive me for --

>> well, he's talking to himself in the mirror.

>> i used to do -- when i was getting a little older and venturing out into the world, i was still going to confession at time. if i thought i was going to do something that evening with a bunch of my friends. i'd go --

>> preemptive confession. and i figured if i didn't do it,