TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Pistorius murder trial proceedings interrupted

The second day of the murder trial of athlete Oscar Pistorius was dramatically interrupted today when the prosecutor said an image of a witness was being shown on TV, despite a court order against it. NBC's Jeff Rossen reports.

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>> half hour with those new developments this morning at the murder trial of olympian oscar pistorius . in a moment, you're going to talk to the victim's mother exclusively. but first, jeff rossen is at the courthouse with the very latest. jeff, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. this will all come down to forensics. the angle of the bullets. how close pistorius was standing when he fired that gun. plus, what was on his cell phone. prosecutors are saving all that. this morning, it's about the emotion. a key witness who says she heard it all from her bedroom window. and it was terrifying.

>> reporter: a mob scene outside court this morning. oscar pistorius fighting through rain and reporters to get inside. and for the blade runner , it all comes down to this. this courtroom, this judge, and a stream of witnesses piecing together reeva steenkamp's final moments.

>> because of the climax of the shots, i knew something terrible was happening in that house.

>> that's the neighbor who didn't want her testimony shown on tv. at times using a translator.

>> then i also heard a man screaming for help. yelled for help. just after her screams, my lady, i heard four shots. bang -- bang, bang, bang.

>> prosecutors say it was the dark side of oscar pistorius . not the olympic hero the world embraced, but an angry and jealous boyfriend in a fit of rage against reeva. firing four times through the bathroom door, killing her. pistorius claims it was an accident, thought it was an intruder. and on cross-examination, the defense went on the attack trying to shred the neighbor's story.

>> could there have been shots fired when you were still asleep, and you heard the screaming afterwards? could the shots have been fired before you woke up?

>> there's no way, my lady.

>> the defense team even claiming that woman screaming was actually a frightened, high-pitched oscar .

>> pistorius is feeling anxious and he screams.

>> drama inside the courtroom. and outside, too, remember, he's out on bail.

>> this is where oscar pistorius is living during the trial. his uncle's massive gated compound miles away from the courthouse. inside, oscar is said to have a shrine to his late girlfriend reeva. private security guards protect the house around the clock.

>> can we talk to you for a moment?

>> friends and family weren't discussing the case. though, at one point, pistorius ' aunt spotted us and brought us food from inside.

>> how is oscar doing?

>> thank you very much. i have to go.

>> okay. thank you very much.

>> reporter: certainly an interesting moment there. by the way, prosecutors have just called two more witnesses to the stand here at the courthouse, including another one of oscar 's neighbors who said she heard a woman fighting that night for about an hour and then heard the gun shots. one other note, savannah. oscar dodges reeva's mother in the front page of the local paper. face-to-face, reeva's mother june, he did not make contact in the courtroom, savannah.