TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

New tech enables hands-free iPhone use in car

Apple has announced a new technology called CarPlay that enables consumers to use their iPhones in their cars for such functions as making calls or following maps. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> meantime, carson, what's shaking in the orange room ?

>> online, people buzzing, could be a game changer for a car company. if you could get into your car and apple created an interface where it goes up on display and you could use your apps, your phones, all that stuff, is that safer and smarter or further distraction?

>> voice command, right?

>> voice command.

>> i think it's safer.

>> seems like safer than fiddling with it.

>> the display will go --

>> it's already there, it's in the car, plug in your phone and that's what you deal with.

>> even voice recognition, still, research shows you're just as distracted.

>> right.

>> the dialing and that -- the dialing and the fidgeting with the device is really the problem. the actual talking is just, you know --

>> well, the reason you're asking this question?

>> i'm just curious.

>> apple's watching.

>> it's called apple car play, it was on full display at an auto show in geneva. you plug in your phone and you pretty much can do everything. the big headline is driver distraction. for texting, siri will read your text, play your music, apps, navigation, phone, for the messages, you press it, she'll read them. initiate a text, talk, say it out loud. the music is interesting, itunes radio, has third party like spodify. i'm a roadio deejay. tons of car companies have signed up. might roll out next year. i don't know. the discussion is up at do you think hands-free technology is safer or a distraction. let us know. more on the next half hour.

>> option or standard?

>> in the c class mercedes benz , it might run standard. but no, i think it'll be an option.

>> in the ferrari.

>>> carson --

>> a premium.