TODAY   |  March 04, 2014

Hope springs eternal after record-breaking winter

Winter’s misery rolls on ,with tens of millions waking up to record-setting cold and looking forward to the first day of spring. Dr. Sue Varma gives advice on how to get through the rest of the winter. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> to record low temperatures combined with months of unrelenting snow and ice. we're all looking forward to spring . and seems a little help from technology, nbc's dylan dreyer has beaten us there.

>> good morning. don't be surprised if i'm still sitting by this picture later on today. but at least we're all in this together, well, not miami. you guys have been enjoying your third warmest winter on record. but for the rest of us, i know it's not officially spring yet, but with the winter we've had, it certainly feels like it's never going to be nice outside ever again. but there's one forecast i can make with 100% certainty, there will be a spring . hang on a little while longer. hope springs eternal , inspirational words by alexander pope . hard to believe as this brutal winter drags on. but it's a scientific fact, winter will end and spring will begin. on march 20th , this year's equinox, the northern hemisphere , our part of the earth starts tilting close to the sun. that fact alone means it has to warm up. we've done our fair share of complaining.

>> i'm tired, i wanted the spring to come.

>> i'm tired of shoveling.

>> and frankly, we've earned the right to be frustrated. winter weather records have been shattered. toledo, ohio, has never seen more snow, while billings, montana, is closing in on 100 inches and marquette, michigan.

>> i want to see it gone.

>> it's not weird for us to feel this way. in fact, it's totally natural . but there are ways to overcome the winter blues.

>> if you feel like you don't want to do something as a result of the winter, that's absolutely the signal you should be doing it. because whatever it is you don't want to do is probably going to be good for you and that includes going to the party, shopping, spring cleaning , social support , exercise.

>> and you can always take a vacation. a lot of people are.

>> this year, it's up 30% to 40%. a lot of people, a lot of walk-ins. people looking to get away.

>> but if you simply can't escape the cold, i offer you this. there are signs of spring . major leaguers in florida and arizona as spring training gets into full swing and the cherry blossom festival in the nation's capital is less than three weeks away. proof there's much warmer light down a snowy tunnel. hope springs eternal .

>> and one other thing that might make you feel better, daylight savings time begins this weekend. spring ahead saturday night. and i feel like that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day might make us feel better.

>> outweighs the loss of an hour of sleep.

>> i have to work sunday morning, so i'll be feeling that one.