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TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

‘Suits’ star Patrick J. Adams aces movie pop quiz

Actor Patrick J. Adams plays a brilliant college dropout who practices law despite lacking a degree on the USA series “Suits,” which has been renewed for a fourth season. And when Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager quiz him on famous movie lines, he proves to be just as sharp as his character.

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>>> you've soon patrick j. adams turn up on a lot of series including "lost" and "friday night lights".

>> but he made a name for himself on the hit show "suits" where he plays a brilliant college dropout who works as a lawyer in a prestigious law firm .

>> but he doesn't have a degree. but who is counting?

>> i brought you guys a gift.

>> that's so nice. you know the way to this lady's heart.

>> you do know. that was sweet.

>> i've been in paris for the last two months so i figured bring a gift of wine.

>> before we get to "suits," talk to us about paris. what are you shooting out there?

>> a remake of "rosemary's baby" for nbc, a scary film. ours is a little longer than the original, so we delve into some of the characters.

>> what is your role?

>> i play guy woodhouse, to zoe saldanha's rosemary.

>> so you're the devil -- i'm in the calling you the devil --

>> i don't know.

>> did you see the previous?

>> i'm a big fan of the original film . it is a brilliant film and the original book . it is great to step into this and it is a different version of the film.

>> let's"suits." you just got signed for a fourth season. did you know it would be such a success?

>> you never know with these things. i knew it was a terrific group of people and amazing script. and we were all really excited to shoot it. but you never know. and now four years later i'm traveling the world and talk ing to people from the philippines and --

>> as always, a lot of people learn about shows, maybe even the second, third or fourth season. if someone is a newcomer and says, hey, i want to tune into "suits" what do they need to know before they watch?

>> the dropout is the key. he's a guy who didn't pull his act together and sort of the bottom of the barrel. and he had to lie to get this great job. and pretend he went to law school and over the course of four seasons we basically see matt lie, get more and more exposed and the stakes get higher and higher .

>> brilliant, though.

>> a photographic memory so he can sort of remember anything he reads. and, yeah.

>> did you watch the oscars last night?

>> i did.

>> what did you think?

>> i'm still watching it.

>> i kept waking up and saying, have we seen anything?

>> is it over? two naps.

>> what was your favorite part? what did you like the most?

>> i love watching the actors and how they receive the awards. and jared leto 's speech --

>> oh, my gosh. wasn't that amazing.

>> so clear and focused.

>> we have time for a little quiz. do you have the questions? you do this thing on the show where you recite lines.

>> here is the first one. you're going to need a bigger boat.

>> jaws, come on.

>> snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

>> indiana jones .

>> my gosh.

>> okay. rosebud.

>> what?

>> citizen kane .

>> i know kung fu .

>> matrix.

>> what? did you read these before?

>> no.

>> all the world she walks in --

>> casablanca. thank you.

>> thank you so much for coming back.

>> "suits returns this thursday night at 9:00, 8:00 central on usa.

>> grammy winner patti austin performs a classic song for us.

>> but first this is "today"