TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Mary-Kate Olsen engaged to French banker’s Brian Balthazar discusses Robin Thicke and Paula Patton breaking up, Mary-Kate Olsen’s recent engagement to a 44-year-old French banker, and the movie thriller “Non-Stop” topping the weekend box office.

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>>> it is time for "today's buzz."

>> oscars isn't the only subject that has everyone talking. to a highly public breakup, to a new baby. brian balthazar has the latest.

>> talk to us about paula and --

>> robin thicke .

>> they announced last week that they were mutually agreeing to separate. we all saw that performance on the vmas and we're like how is this going to go over? there is reports this had something to do with it. what is interesting, even though they made this mutual announcement, tmz was following -- help me, robin, monday morning. robin and they followed him and got him to talk about it. very candidly and he said he's trying to get her back. yeah.

>> they have been together since high school . they have been together longer than most couples.

>> what is interesting, though, is he's been touring. he canceled two shows due to throat problems he's saying. she went out to the -- an awards show by herself, there she is, looking gorgeous.

>> beautiful.

>> one thing missing, aside from a fu inew inches on the skirt is the wedding ring . the wed ring is nding ring on her finger. she danced to blurred lines that night. she posted an instagram image pretty interesting and may say something about it. he had says, everything happens for a reason. if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you, it is yours and so on and so on. it is interesting.

>> they have a child, right?

>> they do have a child, yeah. so they have been together for -- well, they met more than 20 years ago and so hopefully they can fix it.

>> from a breakup to an engagement, one of the olson twins .

>> mary-kate is engaged to a french banker that is olivier sarkozy . the victory lap.

>> she looks look a child.

>> they have a 17-year age difference. he has two kids. the oldest kid is less of an age difference than these two. he's half brother of the former president of france. good for her, right?

>> good for her. again stefani, a little baby.

>> they had a little baby. apollo bowie flynn. she alluded to the fact that she had some trouble having a child again, because she's got to already. and they had this third one, she is 44 and he's 48, gavin rossdale .

>> they look great.

>> bowie flynn is their respective maiden mother names.

>> i love that.

>> talk to us about the box office .

>> the lego movie had been unstoppable. it was a face-off between nonstop and son of god.

>> every time you turn on the tv, there is someone talking about it.

>> i interviewed them. you interviewed them.

>> what happened?

>> nonstop got $30 million, action thriller set on an airplane, but son of god got $26.5 million.

>> did they open in the same number of theaters?

>> not exactly the same. this is a niche market. they had a smaller somebody, but still very -- more than 3,000 theaters. so very respectable, very close. lego still got $21 million.

>> it is al roker 's favorite movie. i haven't seen it. i'm dying to.

>> interesting viral video of the legos re-creating a scene from "son of god" on the internet now.

>> send that to us.

>> he finds all the weirdest videos.

>> how did i not know you before?