TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Julia Roberts:  KLG & Al are ‘craziest’ red carpet team

Kathie Lee Gifford and Al Roker worked the Oscars red carpet Sunday night, where they rubbed shoulders with such stars as Bradley Cooper, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, who called them the “craziest” team-up she’d seen.

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>>> we're back with more of "today's" after oscar party . and last night was the biggest night of the year.

>> there in the center of it all was kathie lee .

>> uh-huh.

>> yep. hoda, i have a new partner in crime, his name is mr. al roker . he's got more energy than any bunny, energizer bunny . he's unbelievable. and we had a few choice questions for some of the big stars on the red carpet .

>> all right, here we are on the red carpet for the 86th annual oscars.

>> you look lovely.

>> this is the craziest tag team ever, you two.

>> i don't recognize al. so thin now.

>> i know.

>> and you look beautiful and sober for a change.

>> that's so funny.

>> i'm kidding!

>> i met your mom and your sister yesterday.

>> that's hilarious.

>> we had a ball. we were all naked in the spa. it was awesome.

>> they didn't tell me that.

>> how is your son?

>> he helped me get ready tonight and got bored and moved on.

>> you made this yourself?

>> i made this out of my own hair. i dyed it.

>> how is it working with you with that mouth on her?

>> she is a foul mouthed woman.

>> al wants you to swear at him.

>> oh, no. really?

>> say something. [ bleep ].

>> you asked for it, al.

>> you're being photo bombed.

>> you once told me you don't take those out after 50 and you lied to me.

>> they haven't seen the sunlight in so long. i just thought i would treat them.

>> how are you feeling tonight?

>> your people behaved, what can i say.

>> lucky for you don't have to report the weather.

>> i know. it's been rough.

>> snow anymore?

>> no. 1 to 2 inches, no big deal .

>> brad, angelina, come say hello, just a handshake. i know. it's time.

>> here's to another oscars.

>> thank you very much. i was a virgin, you know before this. this is my first one.

>> gets better every time. gets better every time.

>> it is kind of hard to leave al speechless.

>> only you could.

>> we had a good time. i tell you, that is --

>> we have alex here. and remember when we voted -- we put in our picks. he's about to do the big reveal.

>> i remember very well.

>> it looks like kathie lee was right on matthew mcconaughey . right on cate blanchett and right on "12 years a slave."

>> and lupita and jared leto .

>> so you got them all right, right?

>> well, i picked leonardo dicaprio , meryl streep , and " "philomena," so there, okay? so there.

>> hoda, judi dench didn't even come. i think she knew it wasn't going to happen. she wasn't even there.

>> kath, you did an awesome, awesome, awesome job. can't wait for you to come home. be careful.

>> thank you, sweetie. have fun. take care.

>> bye-bye.

>> thanks, alex.