TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Kathie Lee: The worst part of the Oscar red carpet

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, along with guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager, chat about their favorite moments from the Oscars. Kathie Lee, who covered the red carpet with Al Roker, reveals the challenges of the gig: They have to stand in a small space, with no guarantee of scoring face time with the stars.

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>>> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday, march 3rd , 2014 . we have a hardy crowd in cold new york city . jenna bush hager is with me. kathie lee gifford has been working triple duty. all right.

>> hi, jenna, hi, hoda.

>> you look hot. for someone who hasn't slept and working all weekend, thank you.

>> you're very, very sweet. you know what, if it weren't for al, we wouldn't have gotten anybody on the red carpet .

>> come on.

>> he was a rock star . he was screaming at everybody. they didn't have a chance. he would have jumped over and grabbed people if he could have.

>> describe -- because we don't know. you're on this red carpet , you were a virgin to the red carpet . never been there before. what is the situation like there, kath ?

>> you're in a little pen, like a caged animal and it is about two feet by two feet. and in that are you and al, al and i, a producer, a sound engineer , and your cameraman. your cameraman. and next to you is spain with the same thing and to the right of us was cbs morning show , or something like that. and it is a free for all. there is no guarantee that you're going to get any of the stars. some of them are happy to talk, some of them recognize you and come over. and others are just in a zone and they're not moving -- they're not going to talk to anybody. and you know the worst part about it is we get there four hours before people ever start to arrive. but the real big stars know they should -- they don't want to come and be hanging around. they all come in the last ten minutes. so it is like you stand there, and the worst part of it is that certain people -- certain people who have a little sign, you want to talk to the person from spain who has been nominated for best documentary short? and you want to be nice, but you know you're never going to use it --

>> so did you?

>> yes. i feel so bad.

>> who was your favorite? who was best most hilarious person?

>> oh, there were a lot of sweet people. julia roberts was very nice. jennifer garner was nice. sandy bullock. it was especially fun for know meet bradley cooper because the day before i had gone for a spa treatment with my daughter over to a certain hotel, and i'm just in my robe and waiting and all of a sudden this older lady and this young woman started -- we start up chatting and we're having a lovely time and all of a sudden, the younger woman recognizes me and the older woman goes who? who is it? and she was very sweet and she goes, oh, i'm bradley's mom. so bradley cooper 's mother and sister. so -- and then the best part was the day before, right after that, cassidy and i had lunch with the real captain philips and his wife.

>> what was that like?

>> it was a real thrill. so great. it made me appreciate tom hanks ' performance even more because he did capture the essence of that man, lovely man, real hero. and his wife, she says i want -- all my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor . i want to tell the story from my perspective for lifetime for women. she's right. it would be a great story.

>> i got to give you an at a girl, i watched the red carpet , and a lot of it sounds repetitive. what are you wearing, blah, blah, blah. you and al added your own crazy twist to the whole thing. you had just such fun, the reactions were hysterical. we loved it. and we're going to show that a little later.

>> thank you.

>> and then you're coming home .

>> is this the big brush?

>> no.

>> a little night night until you come back.

>> right there on the couch, we want to peek in on you every few minutes.

>> she's go to go to bed.

>> spanx alert. spanx alert. yeah, good, thank you.

>> finally it wasn't me. finally it wasn't me. so here is the great thing about the oscars . a lot of times they feel buttoned up. you feel like everybody is giving the stink eye if they don't win it. this one felt so much more jovial. ellen was so funny. there was pharrell singing "happy." it seemed leakike a lighter -- didn't it seem more cozy, more globe globes-i globes-ish.

>> welcome to the oscars . for those of you watching around the world, it has been a tough couple of days for us here. it has been raining. we're fine. thank you for your prayers. and i think you should think of yourselves as winners. not all of you, but the people who have won before should think of yourselves as winners. and i know what you're thinking, ellen , that's easy for you to say, you've been chosen to host and that's sort of the highest award there is. thank you. cheese. cheese. yeah. julia wants cheese. who is your favorite movie star ? they're here. who do you want to talk to?

>> the whole tone felt like that from the jump. if it wasn't ellen having a riot, it was when pharrell sang that song.

>> i want to think of it my head every day, the theme song . it gets you going.

>> let's roll a teeny bit of that too. give it all you got don't hold it back i can warn you you'll be just fine because i'm happy

>> i got to tell you, this guy got it.

>> i love him.

>> we're a little worried because today we're going to be singing backup.

>> we're not worried. you're excited. i heard you practicing. i heard you in the dressing room .

>> someone who is an oscar winner after last night, isn't she?

>> the documentary she was --

>> pat austin.

>> in a documentary called "20 feet from stardom." that won an oscar. she's going to be singing for us and we're going to be singing backup.

>> it is really a dream come true .

>> yeah, it is fun.

>> also, real quick, also at the oscars , one of the fun -- you love jennifer lawrence because she reminds me of you a little. she does.

>> well, i've been a clutz my entire life and in fact i told you earlier, when, you know, your senior year, you get these awards, my sister got most likely to be on the cover of "vogue," my boyfriend at the time who will remain anonymous was most likely to be on the cover of "gq" and i got most likely to trip across the stage at graduation. i was a clutz. i still am.

>> jennifer lawrence , you guys remember, she tripped when she was getting her oscar last time. here, she came out of the car and tripped over the cone and almost took down that girl. she almost -- and that's the best part of her. that's why she is everybody's favorite. because when she falls, she doesn't look like, oh, my gosh -- she almost took that other girl down.

>> i think we think that, you know, these people are hollywood, they're perfect. and she's not -- she's not.

>> some of the speeches were perfect last night. we came in the makeup room and couldn't stop talking about a couple of them. we'll show our two favorites.

>> jared leto 's.

>> mm-hmm.

>> she was a high school dropout and a single mom , but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. that girl is my mother and she's here tonight. i love you, mom. thank you for teaching me to dream.

>> when i look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. thank you.

>> oh, my god.

>> those moments --

>> the best. and one of the other things, if you looked around at the audience, i love -- you saw the moms out there. a lot of times people brought their girlfriend -- i thought it was a cool scene.

>> i like they brought the people that supported them from the beginning.

>> yeah. there is leo's mom was there. matthew mcconaughey brought his mom.

>> i liked his speech too.

>> they said that -- those are the first words he ever uttered in a movie ever.

>> from " dazed and confused ," right? all right, all right, all right. it was filmed in austin, texas.

>> it was.

>> yes. my hometown.

>> here is jimmy fallon decided to do something crazy.

>> he is crazy.

>> this is one of those things, you know how cold it has been in new york, still freezing. snowing today. in chicago, they had the worst kind of winter. he took one of those polar plunges, whatever they're called, the mayor of chicago said do it with me. he did it in a suit.

>> there they go.

>> i didn't see the whole thing.

>> me neither.

>> where is he?

>> oh, my.

>> wet and he's cold.

>> oh, my gosh. almost like having a panic attack.

>> it was funny but his face -- doesn't look like he had that much fun.

>> look at him. he did it in a suit. he did ask everyone in solidarity to wear ties, so you saw a whole bunch of people wearing ties. that was excellent. the money went to the special olympics . so this is the question for all of you at home, and you're wondering about how good is your relationship sexually. wanted to know how many times is the correct number for someone to have sex -- how often should you be doing it?

>> i just -- i'm sure the answer is a lot.

>> what would you guess, without knowing it, what would you have guessed the right number of times a happy couple should be having sex a week.

>> are you asking me or my husband?

>> i'm asking your husband.

>> he would say a lot. sorry, mom. it is embarrassing, kathie lee , i know.

>> are you sleeping or are you bored?

>> humiliated.

>> i'm humiliated and that's hard for me.

>> i want to know. how many times , kath ? how many times is the right number of times in a week.

>> five or six a day.

>> no.

>> frank is a lucky fellow.

>> i wasn't talking about frank.

>> nobody mentioned frank. here is the thing, we have -- the right answer is two to three. right if you're talking to --

>> there is no right answer, hoda.

>> yes, there is.

>> they said two to three.

>> people are unique. these guys don't think that's enough at all. and i think it is way too much. people are unique.

>> get over here. when are you coming home ?

>> never.

>> all right.

>> you're missing out on conversations like this.

>> we'll do our favorite things. our favorite thing is kathie lee at this moment.

>> hilarious.

>> at this moment. kath , what is your favorite thing? what is yours?

>> my littholly who is my twitter friend.

>> that's sweet. thanks a lot, kathie lee . mine is banana pudding from magnolia bakery . this is the -- have you ever had it?

>> no.

>> okay, well are you going to try it.

>> yeah. i'll try it.

>> can't have that.

>> i can't have it, right. there is dairy in it. i'll get sick.

>> she'll get really sick.

>> i'm trying to poison you.

>> mine is tomorrow --

>> stick to this.

>> i got it.

>> she's got it. don't you worry.

>> tomorrow is mardi gras . my favorite thing -- it is fat tuesday tomorrow. i want to celebrate early. all my friends are getting decked out. got great mardi gras beads on the table. happy mardi gras to everybody.

>> are you sad you won't be there?

>> i miss it.

>> you would do anything for a bead.

>> those beads are great because they go with anything.

>> we're going to see you in a second, all right?